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  1. Was hoping to join two greenhouses together to make one larger GH. Can this be done easily and has anyone done it and have any tips and advice for me.
  2. Where are they available please and are they easy to install and cut? I was hoping for something clear.
  3. I didn't want to use glass for a few reasons: I might be moving in the near future, I live near a field and a wooded area either footballs or chunks of trees have broken glass before, I have four lovely dogs that bound around the garden so glass is not the safest option for them, all that glass replaced and cut to size could be expensive. Sorry I just would prefer an alternative and I want to be able to do it myself without a lot of hassle.
  4. Hello, I have recently managed to obtain my neighbours old unused greenhouse, the problem is that it has hardly any glass left in it but the frame seems ok. Could I use anything else other than glass? I was thinkng about using polythene but would have no idea how to attach it to the frame. Has anyone ever tried doing something similar? Could someone please give me some ideas as I really don't want to use glass.
  5. Is the general rule that the lighter coloured fluffy peat is better than the really dark stuff? just got a bag of Arthur Bowers and its so dark and sludgy compared to my last peat. Does this mean it won't be as good as the lighter peat.
  6. Hi, Was thinking about getting this greenhouse from ebay , but wanted some advice first has anyone used these before or even got one now are they any good? how long do they last etc.
  7. Hi, I am a complete beginner and just recieved my first VFT seeds that i bought on ebay 50 fresh seeds of mixed forms of vfts. What im after is some advice I have never grown these from seed ever or even tried, I wont be using any lights or terrariums I have access to a light windowsill, greenhouse or conservatory to put them in. I would like some help please from people who know how to do this successfully.
  8. What did you do in the end Hayden? im also in the hunt for a new greenhouse and was looking at the same greenish polytunnels on ebay but have been put off by what some people have been saying about them, and also keeping an eye out for a cheap 2nd hand one like yourself I cannot afford to spend hundreds of pounds on one.
  9. Yeah I think it was Alton it was near Wickford. Has anyone got any good care tips thou thanks for the tips so far but I know nothing on these plants.
  10. Hi, I just bought a very small Cephalotus follicularis from a garden centre they look look like they are in peat moss should i repot it I have never had one of these before and know very little about it. Would appreciate it if anyone could tell me what to do with it for best results I would like to know from people who have successfully grown these as to where to put it watering, temperature and repotting it. Thanks
  11. I would like a Cephalotus Follicularis and Nepenthes Rajah, once you know what spares you have let me know as I have a very small collection im always looking to add to it.
  12. Flycatchers was looking at your website but couldn't see any prices on there you have a few plants I would be interested in.
  13. Thanks for quick response just done that now and placed it back I put it in sphagnum moss not live though is this ok? I have two options of where to put it now I have a normal pot with a mix of Sphag moss and Carnivorous plant compost or a large propogator filled with the same mix but mainly sphagnum moss. Can you advise what in your opinion would be the best place to put it now.
  14. Hi thanks guys for the replies. I have a question you say make a notch or notches on the stem can you explain how and where to do these I have no idea what you mean sorry. Do you cover yours with anything I mean if I spray it and keep it humid do I need to cover it or wiill it be ok if kept humid and misted enough.
  15. So I should cut the leaves in half I only have two leaves now as i pulled one lower one off so I could get the stem to sit in the compost better was this wrong?