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  1. Thanks Manders


    Could I get your advice on the list below on weather they would be better Highland or Intermediate please?



    Burb x campanulata

    Rob Cantley x Burb



    Nepenthes Burb x Edwardsiana

    Nepenthes burbidgeae x platychila

    Nepenthes burbidgeae x sanguinea

    lowii x veitchii

    (thorelli x truncata) x veitchii

    sibuyanensis x burkei




  2. Have you got any pi


    After all is said and done I have noticed today that two of my larger older plants have indeed veined up for the first time.

    Have you got any pics Ian?  I am very happy with how mine looks it's a nice plant! I don't know if there is a different plant that has no veining no matter what the conditions?

  3. True to the sellers word the plants arrived today an he threw in a good extra plant - so I must have just had a genuine one off experience with the mix up and long delay etc.


    The plants are all healthy and good sizes and I am very happy with them so going on this I would probably buy from again and recommend, just bear in mind that it may take a bit longer ordering from this seller as he doesn't always get back to you straight away or send straight away.

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  4. Unfortunately I have to post in here again so soon - due to me buying more Nepenthes from another European seller and having major problems again - This time with Carnivoria, http://www.carnivoria.eu/


    Just wanted to share my experience and make people aware. I understand some people may have had good experience with http://www.carnivoria.eu/ but I unfortunately have not and am still waiting for a resolution


    I paid for my order 20 days ago - didn't receive anything so I contacted the seller on 4 seperate occasions with no reply! Days went by without reply, so I opened a paypal case. As if by magic as soon as I did this the seller replied and said he had mixed up my order with another Matt's and hadn't seen the emails - the usual excuses!


    Since the contact started again, I stated to the seller I would still like the plants and he offered a free plant as a way of apology, when I chose the free plant he asked for 25 Euros extra for the plant I said I wont be paying any more for plants as I still haven't received anything from my order of 20 days ago and have a paypal case open still. So I said just send the original plants out asap as I have been waiting ages for this order - that was at the end of last week and again my emails are now being ignored, he has not sent the plants and is now not replying to emails once again. He still has my 60 Euros and has had my money for over 20 days. The Customer Service has been terrible and he does not seem to care about sending or sorting my order.


    I have all the emails between me and the seller to back up my claims, and can post here if need be.

  5. Just an update to this - had an email from Luis from carniviorousplants garden this morning the plant has been posted and is on its way, he said they had some problems with the website, emails and order confirmations lately.

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  6. Just posting to warn others and maybe produce a response from http://carnivorousplantsgarden.com/ maybe if someone knows the owner or knows the reason he wont/can't reply to my emails.


    It's been over ten days since I paid and bought a Nepenthes from his shop, I have sent 4 or more nice emails just asking when the plants would be sent and if they were in stock as I had not heard from him. Yesterday I opened a paypal case and 24 hours later still no response or refund. I will have to wait until paypal lets me escalate the case and then wait for them to decide if they should refund me if I don't hear from the seller (which is what it is looking like)


    It's a shame as I still want the plant and if there is a genuine reason for the delay and non communication I am still happy to wait for it. I just don't think you should advertise and take people's money if you can't respond to customers and can't send the goods.

  7. I was sceptical about this plant as to how gold/yellow it would be. Received a small division last year and potted it up it just did nothing and stayed green - I am quite impressed with it this year, it stands out and my eyes are drawn to it when in the greenhouse, I have to say I do rather like it!


    17616788951_485b66bc47_z.jpgIMG_20150513_151914161 by matthew hutley, on Flickr

    17429176060_70ff827631_z.jpgIMG_20150513_151846510 by matthew hutley, on Flickr

    17429181640_3e4b7685b5_z.jpgIMG_20150513_151835232_HDR by matthew hutley, on Flickr

    17614379222_bced63afd3_z.jpgIMG_20150513_151902196_HDR by matthew hutley, on Flickr


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  8. Hi Matthew,


    I checked some of your Flickr account photos of your Cephalotus collection. Very nice.

    But I noticed you have some plants with (probably) powdery mildew. For example:


    If this is indeed mildew and you are aware of this, how do you keep this at bay? What is your solution to the mildew pest?

    I have my plants in open air, full sun outside after winter, but this type of mildew is hard to get rid of.







    I have two certain clones that seem to suffer from a spot of mildew here and there over winter - I don't bother trying to treat it anymore it only seems to affect older pitchers and leaves and it doesn't seem to affect the plants to much other than being unsightly, and it usually clears up on it's own in the warmer months. I do leave the greenhouse door open all winter to minimise it which seems to really help.

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