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  1. Hi, Just got back from Tatton and picked up a couple of cephalotus and they are not something that I have grown before. The threads make interesting reading but I could do with a few tips if possible please. The two I brought, the smaller darker one seems to be in a mixture of peat and perlite and the bigger one in straight peat. For the night I have put them in my 8x6 greenhouse with my Sarra's in just over 1cm of rain water. Should I repot the bigger one now or wait till next year? (50/50 peat perlite) Should I leave them where they are or move them onto a windowsill (would be west facing) with my nep? If I leave them where they are should I reduce the amount of water they are sat in? Anything else I should be doing with them? The plants are below any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Elliot, I'm after a mix of 13's and 15's, maybe five of each? If you have those that would be great. Let me know how much you'd like for them posted and we'll get something sorted out. Many thanks Si
  3. Does anyone know of a good website I can order some varying sized, reasonable quality black square pots from please (UK). I can't find any in any garden centres and I can't find any that are a good price and that don't then have a massive delivery charge. Or if you know of anywhere in the warrington, or north west area that sells them that would also help. Many thanks Si
  4. Does anyone know of a good website I can order some varying sized, reasonable quality black square pots from please (UK). I can't find any in any garden centres and I can't find any that are a good price and that don't then have a massive delivery charge. Or if you know of anywhere in the warrington, or north west area that sells them that would also help. Many thanks Si
  5. Thanks for all the comments, the main questions was around light though not temperature. My plants have been fine outside and tbh the green house is ok but it suffers two problems. The main one is the wind and when windy has a tendency to deconstruct itself so to keep my plants in the garage for windy periods or maybe over winter all I may need is light, hence the question about those lights on the first post. Any thoughts on those? If you were wondering the second issue is damp, the garage is far better there as well. In the spring summer etc it's fine as I leave the door part open but when windy .... See above ;-)
  6. Hi, Due to the wind at the moment my collection is in the garage and with the weather forecast I suspect they'll be there for a while yet as my polycarbonate greenhouse just can't stand upto it. There is a small window in a door but apart from that the lighting is very poor so I was thinking about buying one or two of these: http://www.growell.co.uk/eco-lights-compact-fluorescent-lamps-cfl.html Eco-Lights - Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) Has anyone had experience of using them as supplementary light? Do you think red or blue would be better (or both)? Or should I not worry as winter is here and the dark won't effect them? Or other :-) If anyone thinks this maybe a good idea I may leave them in the garage for the whole winter to protect them from the frost. My collection is a mixed bag of fly traps, sundews and sara's, probably 30 or so plants. Many thanks Si
  7. Hi Mike, I’d like to say a big thank you for allowing myself and my daughter to visit today and have a look around your spectacular greenhouses, a most inspirational visit. Also thanks to you and others who I purchased a few great looking plants from. I have taken the liberty of posting a few pictures of the day below, hopefully that’s ok and the last picture is of the new plants now living in far more modest accommodation. Si
  8. Great video. I will be coming down with my daughter.
  9. Hi Richard, I'm not sure which ones they are but I brought a plant from Gert at extreme plants in Holland, it died in the winter that year but it had seed pods on so I sowed them on a big pot of moss the following spring. Sorry I can't be of more help I'm a complete novice. Si
  10. My seed grown Drosera Binatas are coming up for their second year. I was wondering if anything was still living in my little green house of doom.
  11. V good thread that one, thanks for the link
  12. Hi, great thread and read, really inspirational and I'm liking the results you are getting.
  13. The old what to use instead of peat problem. What I would like to try, but I don't have enough plants to try nor the money to buy a plant to try with but, I'd like to try a mix of on tree, or recently fallen pine needles and sand. Reading a few sources they seem to have a low ph, for example here http://wood.uwex.edu/2010/11/18/pine-needles-cause/ I think they'd need changing every couple of years but the drainage should be pretty good, maybe too good. Has anyone tried this or is it a daft idea?
  14. Hi, Here are a couple of examples that can be changed or something new completely created, you can have names added and these can be on clothes or cloth badges or hats even. http://popcorn-embroidery.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13&products_id=724 http://popcorn-embroidery.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16&products_id=728 Best regards Si
  15. Yes it was, I commented to my walking friend and daughter that the whole high ground, peat and moss was drier than I had seen in my years off walking, to be fair though that's only about five for me but thought everything was dry up there. In warrington we haven't had rain in a while apart from a passing storm or two last Friday and I think the lakes may really lacking in any good rain.
  16. Hi, I was out for a walk today in the Lakes and my daughter (aged 11) spotted these wonderful Sundew's on the bank as we walked past. A very nice surprise indeed :-)
  17. zzzzz - any news and is the old site still usable, also are plants being shipped yet?
  18. I've been looking into this recently but my requirements are a bit different however I am moving mine and my wifes site to http://www.webhost.uk.net/ and their Linux Elite package. I have a pair of sites and domains and am planning on using wordpress for blogging based posts but wordpress will also give me the ability to set up a simple catalogue and shop via paypal. Not really the same requirements but I have picked these guys for price and package over the rest. I'm currently with streamline but they can't match webhost. Maybe worth a look to see if they have the sort of thing you want.
  19. My wife does embroidery of anything so if you can give her an idea of the design you want then she'll digitise it and produce a small number for you, she will send a digital copy of what it will look like for your approval first to make sure you like what you are going to get. http://www.popcorn-embroidery.co.uk/
  20. 5hort5

    Lost Dionaea

    Bad luck, I'm really not sure what I have left tbh. The sun dews and fly traps got mould so went out of the green house and have stayed there for the last few weeks, I got mould on some of my pictures but cut that off so I'll just have to wait. First winter for me and hopefully not the last.
  21. Great, thanks for the info and tips, I'll move as needed. Si
  22. Hi, A couple of quick (hopefully) questions regarding dormancy for the below: In the greenhouse (Smallish 4x6 polycarb one): Dionaea muscipula Drosera Capensis Drosera Binata(Forkleaf) Drosera paradoxa Sarracenia flava Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora Sarracenia Leucouphylla Sarracenia x Jutha tip Soper Sarracenia x purpurea hybrid barbapapa Sarracenia x stevensii x hybrid Darlingtonia callifornica Utricularia livida Inside: Nepenthess anguinea (Living on the kitchen windowsill) Pinguicula agnata (Living on the kitchen windowsill) Do I need to trim back the live foliage on the ones in the greenhouse or just when it’s gone brown/black? Should I move anything somewhere else (e.g. Darlingtonia inside?) I have a little paraffin greenhouse heater, should I use this only when frost is expected? Many Thanks Si
  23. This sounds great, it's just down the road (well compared to most) for me so I'll be along to look and learn :-)
  24. Should I do anything with mine apart from leave them in the poly greenhouse and stick a small heater in if it gets below zero for more than a few hours?