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  1. From the album: Pygmy Droseras

    Very very easy to grow
  2. From the album: Pygmy Droseras

    This is D. pygmaea Kangaroo Island form. But I really don't see the differences from the type, the stalk seems to be a little longer, though.... The flower with four petals is so tiny that I took more than 20 photos to get a comparatively clear image.....
  3. From the album: Utricularia

    I tried smelling this flower. But there seems to be no scent at all.
  4. From the album: Pygmy Droseras

    D. pedicellaris is now producing gemmae in my grow place, which is a relief for the next season. This is the closest and clearest image of this tiny pygmy drosera with my small camera after taking lots of them.....
  5. ihatov1001

    Drosera minata

    Yes, indeed.... But compared with citrina, miniata is much easier to grow, which usually disappears just before summer in my grow place. I still don't how to cultivate that difficult pygmy.
  6. ihatov1001

    Drosera minata

    Hi,thanks!They are amazing.
  7. ihatov1001


  8. From the album: Genlisea

    A couple of years ago I got this genlisea as a hybrid between lobata and violacea. Then this year it finally bloomed. The flower looks like simply G. lobata which I saw on the Internet......
  9. ihatov1001

    Drosera minata

    From the album: Pygmy Droseras

    The season of pygmy gemmae has started!

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