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  1. Incredible picky in summer, yes! ;-) But it has wonderful orange flowers! Too bad I suffer many losses among my plants this year. B´(

    Yes, indeed.... But compared with citrina, miniata is much easier to grow, which usually disappears just before summer in my grow place. I still don't how to cultivate that difficult pygmy.

  2. hi,yes,very fast to grow,but you've todo beware with the snails,they ate all in one night,i was disgusted...it's a very nice plants in the wild,i saw them in australia and i'll talk about it in my book who'll be ready at the end of the year (about cp's and triggerplants)good luck!

    Hi Will

    Thanks for your advice.In fact only few people seem to grow this amazing plants and it was quite difficult to collect tips for the cultivation.As for snails my country Japan is moving to dry winter.So it will be no problem about snails bites.But I will be aware of the problem for the next rainy season in June.I also grow afine,gramminifolium, albomontis and so on from seeds.

    I have never been to Australia.But one day Id love to make a trip there to see wild triggerplants and also pygmy droseras,which is my another interest.

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