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  1. my favourite, N.veitchii "Bario" , from MT(female plant)
  2. there should have N.gracilis, N.mirabilis, N.ampullaria or even N.rafflesiana and its hybrid
  3. Just cross your fingers, maybe miracle will happen
  4. i got some N.gracilis/N.ampullaria if you buy in bulk, i can offer you discounts =)
  5. Oh my god....i never see the leucophyll in PINK!!!! it so AWESOME
  6. hi, not sure about what the usage of that, but i know almost all cross of veitchii have cute little fur
  7. wow....impressive collection of venus flytrap.......i wonder when they going to be like that...haha
  8. wow....awesome collection of venus flytrap, how i wish i will have them, but i now, i just got them germinated, two carnivorous leaf so far!!
  9. do you all know any supplier of sphagnum moss in Malaysia or Asia country?
  10. will country like malaysia which have 24-35celcius manage to make them sprout and even pitcher? humidity around 40-70%
  11. i do not have seeds, but i got perlite and coconut fibre, can u use them instead?and i got trouble when using perlite, when i add some water on it, the perlite just float, should i use them? btw, i live in tropical country, temperature usually stay at 24-34degree celcius, would it able to make it?thank you
  12. i have a lot of lowlands seeds, N.gracilis, interested? if do, PM me
  13. hey there, i just order some genlisea filiformis seeds, will it be okay if i plant it on water? can you describe the growing condition and media?thank you