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    Guitars, Photography, Mountain Biking, Kendo, Rifle Shooting, Maori Bone Carving, Biology, Ecology, Aquariums, Orchids, Sarracenias, Nepenthes, Heliamphoras, Albany Pitchers, Sundews, Pings, Utrics.....

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Im passionate about the world around us. I play and collect beautiful guitars, among other things..I've always loved aquariums, gardening and ponds. I took "Old School" Photography, where I shot, developed, printed and framed my own images using manual cameras and darkrooms, now I need to upgrade to digital..I go mountain biking whenever I can, cause my twin two-year olds keep me occupied..My friend of 23 years, Steve Krispin, introduced me to CPs, at first I wasnt interested, but after he lend me his copy of D'amatos Savage Garden, now I am obsessed...

"Life's a garden......dig it"