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    my plants and hartlepool united howay the lads

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  1. Hartlepools finest will allso be there Howay the lads
  2. Sorry for the delay in any reply . Lots of problems at my end . things about ok now  .Will try and get you my updated grow list , One of my problem s  has been  a new computer  Hope to see you at mikes next month

    1. ada


      will do Dave,problems here too mate

  3. Are you having another open day at the kibble palace If so can you let me know when many thanks Davew.1
  4. Will be there as usual Dave w Hartlepools finest
  5. Hi Mike Hello from the grimm north Will be there as usual From Dave W Hartlepool
  6. Hi Mike see you next month from dave w Hartlepool
  7. Hello Mike se you at the open day Will bring mike who has not been before a big cp fan from davew.1
  8. i will allso be there davew Hartlepools best grower [ Hartlepools only grower ]
  9. Another fantastic day Mike i all so took home some fabulous plants Before my long trip to Wales to look at Ian and Diane salters collection all ways worth the trip where i all so bought some fabulous additions to my collection The Mountain view guest house where i spent the night was very close good accomadation and a mountainous breakfast I will certanly stay there again
  10. hello Mike wife improving slowly so i hope to be down in june bye for now dave.w
  11. all these people from overseas trying to be understood Try coming from the north east
  12. helo from a cold wet rainy Hartlepool a little known part of north east england
  13. I did come away with 2 but they dont take a lot to shows like Harrogate unless you pre order Wasnt a lot to look at
  14. went to Harogate flower show today Hampshire carnivorous was there bought an all red form Drosera capensis lovely plant Dont see manny about all though not really a rare plant