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  1. Hi, I am also planning on purchasing a terrarium online, however due to their size/weight you may find it difficult to find a larger one without having to pay extortionate shipping fees. If you are looking for a smaller one I suggest looking at this site: http://www.netpetshop.co.uk/ Try here: http://www.netpetshop.co.uk/c-1348-glass-fish-tanks.aspx or here: http://www.netpetshop.co.uk/c-735-exo-terra-terrariums.aspx I'm planning on getting the clearseal 18 inch tank. Elliot
  2. I was hoping to use this reflector with these bulbs, as the terrarium is only 10 inches tall and the plants will be really close, will this be enough light? However if this is not enough, I have found lots of e27 fittings designed for reptile bulbs that I could use, I'd just have to make a reflector. Stephen, could I just use one higher wattage bulb instead of 2 lower wattage ones? e.g. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/65w-Blue-Spectrum-64...tsSeedsBulbs_JN
  3. Thanks Stephen, what fitting should I use for the bulbs, I think the 25 watt bulbs are too large for this one.
  4. It states on their website that these bulbs are "designed for use with the bio Green Lumino lighting system only".
  5. The height of the tank is only 10 inches, so the plants will probably be about 5 inches or less from the lights depending on pot size.
  6. Thanks Varun, it states in this document (pg 19), that the 18w cool daylight bulbs are 6500k. I'm struggling to find a supplier of higher wattage bulbs, so as my tank is very small, do you think 2 18 watt bulbs will be sufficient? Cheers Elliot
  7. Thanks mobile, I ordered a fan off ebay and I already have an adapter. How should the fan be positioned in the terrarium?
  8. Sounds easy enough. I found a couple of fans on ebay, is there a difference between 3 pin and 4 pin connectors or is this just a case of soldering the two together? Also, how should I position the fan within the terrarium? Thanks for being such a great help. Elliot
  9. It states on the box that these ones are "cool daylight" not "cool white", is there a difference between cool daylight and daylight?
  10. I found a supplier of 18 watt Philips cool daylight bulbs: http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/4377848/ar...w-e27-geni.html Varun, do you think these are suitable?
  11. I'm really struggling to find spectral graphs for any bulb mobile. Here is a bulb I found: http://www.philips.co.uk/c/energy-saving-l...=specifications What do you think? Elliot
  12. I found the fitting: http://www.netpetshop.co.uk/p-27338-exo-te...ELAID=525516139 The 45cm one, which will fit the terrarium perfectly, holds 2 bulbs. I am still struggling to find the bulbs, will regular energy savers be ok? Update: I found a 18w daylight CFL, would this be suitable? http://www.johnlewis.com/150930/Style.aspx
  13. Thanks for the info Varun, may I ask where I can purchase the Phillips CFL's? And what wattage do you suggest? Also, what fittings should I use? Cheers Elliot
  14. Mobile, what lights do you recommend that aren't too expensive? Where did you get your t5's from? Sorry for being such a nuisance. Cheers Elliot
  15. This seems like a good deal: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/25w-6400k-Blue-Spect...tsSeedsBulbs_JN 2 25 watt CFLs for £8.99, and free p&p.
  16. Sorry, but I don't have any experience of grow lights, what exactly is a spectral distribution graph? Thanks Elliot
  17. What about this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/45w-Blue-Spectrum-64...tsSeedsBulbs_JN A 45 watt CFL, would this be about the right wattage?
  18. Thanks for the reply mobile, where did you get your lights from? Could you post a pic of your terrarium? Cheers
  19. What media is best? Peat/Sand, or will this go moldy? Will sphagnum moss and perlite be better?
  20. Will the seeds be ok in an unheated greenhouse? And then moved inside for winter. Thanks
  21. Hi, I've ordered 20 ceph seeds that should be arriving in the next few days, how should I go about sowing them? Should I put them in the fridge for a few months and then sow, or sow now? Thanks
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