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  1. yes the Brother printers are great, never yet found a pen that lasts so its Brother labels or pencil. If considering a Brother printer, have a look at the 1230PC model, you can get it very cheap sometimes and you can plug it into PC, very quick and you can save a lot of tape as it can print labels close together.


    I couldn't be without my Brother label printer, the only disadvantage is the price of the tape but you can find good deals on eBay. I had a 1230PC before I upgraded and they are very good and like Stephen says are available cheaply.

  2. Whilst fully agree these are great books :flag_of_truce::sarcastic_hand: I also agree with the first post that the proof reading is not 100%.

    Perhaps even more controversially, I'd add that I also think the books are over priced w.r.t. print quality, content, format, etc. compared to the market :rainingsmile: (waiting for the ....). I'd be happy to stand corrected IF the full costs to produce the books were given here :knuddel:

    If you don't mind the price and don't want the books signed note that Amazon sell them with free delivery whereas Redfern Natural History charge £5.99 (there are also small discounts on some of the books at Amazon). It would be nice, given that CPUK must be one of the best outlets for the books, if Redfern Natural History could offer a suitable discount :clapping:

    Actually, my book from Amazon came signed!


  3. hi

    your cactus is Echinopsis eyriesii and you have serious problems with mealy bugs. I recommend watering with a solution with Diazinon (3 ml in 1 L) once a week for 4 weeks


    Thanks, the plant is my grandads and he is already sorting out the mealy bugs.



  4. Hi All.

    I have often wondered when watching Sarracenia develop and grow (and Nepenthes, Heliamphora and Cephalotus for that matter) how they manage to grow and expand but still manage to maintain a possitive pressure in the pitchers.

    Sometimes they seem to be more under vacuum and develop flat, other times they are on the borderline of bursting and often do with a sudden rise in temperature leaving us with a less than ideal pitcher size.

    What I am keen to learn is how a plant manages to grow and yet inflate it's pitchers?

    Is it some sort of gas transfer or some sort of bacterial assisted inflation.

    Clearly I do not have a clue but I'm sure a few of you will have a concise answer.



    I'll have a go Ian:

    Tiny pores in the epidermis called Stomata are used for gas exchange, each Stoma has a pair of quard cells which become turgid in order for it to open so gas exchange can occur. In the same way the cells also become flaccid to close the Stoma. Oxygen is released out of the Stomata when plants photosynthesize and water vapour also escapes through transpiration, some of the gas would exit through the stomata on the inside of the pitcher and the rest through the external stomata.

    Hope that helps.


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