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  1. damn, and here i thought we had something new and exciting!!! though im sure the madagascariensis are variable.
  2. lets see if fernando and andreas need these. if they do ill take the time to scan them and try to post them somewhere for people to see.
  3. fernando and andreas and anyone else who takes trips like these deserves MAJOR respect from all of us.
  4. all these pics are amazing, thanks andreas and fernando. when can we expect to see your book on the CP of zambia? what camera are you using andreas??? m
  5. Andreas, I remember seeing a line drawing of pilosa before, but I don't remember specifics. I told you that this plant we're now talking about didn't look anything like the 2 things I've seen in cultivation labeled pilosa, but I don't claim to be an expert on IDing this plant since I know little about it. What I DO know is that it's rumored to be a very rare, endangered, high elevation plant. I got vague location data from Kenya and Tanzania and read it grows on the E coast of Africa too. So yes, I'm sure it can be variable. I do see similarities between this plant and esterh. but don't see so much similarity with burmannii. Matt
  6. WAIT A SECOND!!!! So this little red madagascariensis you showed in the photo above.... I recall reading that they felt congolana was like madagascariensis without much of a stem. Is it possible this little red madagascariensis like thing above is actually congolana?? I don't read French or Latin but I can try to scan this French paper w congolana info if you'd like... Matt
  7. So I just took a look for my Exell and Laundon papers and they're nowhere to be found. Crap. Do you guys have this? (Flora of tropical East Africa) I need to read it again. I did come across Nouveaux Drosera Du Congo Belge though, which includes D.insolita :), bequaertii, katangensis and.... congolana. Anyone read French?
  8. Wow, I don't know which I'm more interested in .... this unidentified Drosera or the dwarf madagascariensis!!! Looks like D.communis! MORE MADAGASCARIENSIS PICS from the different populations, PLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!
  9. well everyone knows the egg came before the chicken but im not sure about this case.
  10. hey fernando that photos not too clear but what im seeing in this photo is that all of them are in the rosette phase, including the one on the left thats just starting to put up a scape. take a closer look. maybe khelljugh has a better pic? matt
  11. aha! good answer, andreas. this makes perfect sense to me. a lot of drosera slow down when flowering. maybe the japanese growers havent flowered it???? is this possible???
  12. do you think the flexicaulis may get burned but grow back from the ends of the stems rather than fron the ground? btw, the last batch of "elongata" from japan are from serenje. mine are growing well. :) is it possible the plants in japan arent old enough / tall enough to grow rosettes? m
  13. hey fern i spoke to andreas and he says he feels my 1st hypothesis is correct - that the rosette formation occurs when the competing vegetation slows down or dies. or actually maybe its when flexicaulis grows faster and above it... matt
  14. hey fernando, in retrospect, i think that old photo we thought looked something like burmannii was the same or a similar plant that was stunted. clearly the thing you guys found is no missing link burmannii type of thing, though it is interesting. i think it was in laundons tropical flora of e africa that congolana was said to look like madagascariensis without a stem. i cant see how this plant would be described as that. how far north and west is natalensis or dielsiana recorded? i think it would help if you posted a pic of this mysterious plant. it looks nothing at all like the black and white photo of the compacta specimen ive seen. matt
  15. hi fernando so then i think my 2nd theory may be correct... that this intermedia like rosette is the first growth stage after dormancy. why do you say you dont think there was a complete stop in growth if you don't see any live leaves below these rosettes? whats the longest distance of active growth you measured? maybe andreas has some input? i see the pic of the plant coming directly from the ground without a "basal rosette", but perhaps this came up from a root rather than a seed? it will be interesting to see if seedlings definitely skip the rosette phase. what were the roots of flex and elongata like? do any of the australian tuberous Drosera resume growth from the last point or do they all start over from the base? matt
  16. compacta = bequaertii, right? i didnt think you saw this one... ??
  17. better yet, i think its a lot more reasonable to think that this plant forms a long stem, goes dormant and resumes growth like intermedia at first and then forms a stem again. it doesnt seem from the pics that the are any live leaves under the intermedia type rosettes - did you guys see any on any of the plants there?
  18. wow. this flexicaulis growth habits bizarre! i dont think its likely, but is it possible that the grasses there grow on some kind of cycle and that theyre shifting their growth form in parallel to that cycle, maybe growing stem when the surrounding vegetation is growing its fastest??? eh, maybe not...
  19. i cant believe it took me 2 days to find this post... fernando, what do you mean "D.compacta(?), " ????? please, post some pics!
  20. nice! :) i see you managed to get a d peltata in there... good work ;) m
  21. thanks guys :) hey markus, email me privately and ill see if i can send you a pinch of the rotund seed. eacg of my 5 plants has flowered and set seed. m
  22. Catopsis: ___ Heliamphora sp.Akopan and minor "clone A" compared: minor is actually on the right and sp.akopan is on the left. ___ Heliamphora sp.Akopan ___ Drosera rotundifolia - a nice clone from Japan that germinates without stratification, flowers in only a few months and so far hasn't shown any signs of weakness or dormancy. Ivan Snyder and I both think this particular form is well suited for terrarium growth, but I guess we will know for sure once we see whether or not it goes dormant. :) Sorry about the sloppy looking plants, these guys need to be transplanted / I need more room!