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  1. i wonder who first introduced it to these habitats in NZ. what a shame.
  2. i wonder if its displays like this that cause non-sphagnum mosses to become weeds in our collections? nice display though!
  3. great stuff!!! ?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! SOON?!?!?!?! Not soon enough!!! Where are they? Come on already, post em!! :) M
  4. beautiful pics and tour, as usual, thanks fernando!!
  5. i always find it interesting how the collections ive seen in the US, sarracenias native range, look nowhere near as good as collections outside the US. nice pics! matt
  6. yup. d.burmanni it is. congratulations for noticing drosera there wen most other people have nepenthes vision only. if you get a chance to collect seed of any drosera, im interested, please email me. thanks matt
  7. beautiful work, as always. fyi, this grantsaui looks thinner and longer than the others ive got. was it under water or growing in shade? and whats up with the horse? i thought you finally got a car?! hahahaa... ;) matt
  8. great pix, thanks andreas! i asked in another thread but maybe you didnt see it - what camera are you using? thx m
  9. very nice pics. now get back there and collect us all some seed! hahaha. good work, as usual, fernando!
  10. ive got true arenicola too, but i think hes saying the actual collection lorenz and butschi made appears to be no longer in cultivation.
  11. the pics above look like roraimae to me.
  12. hi andreas i can tell the difference between kaieteurensis and felix :) ive got to check my labels and get back to you. m
  13. its great seeing albida flowering in cultivation :) i may be interested in seed if you get some thanks matt
  14. Anyone who wants to read Taton's paper on the Drosera of Belgian Congo ( Drosera insolita, bequaertii, katangensis, congolana ) can check it out here:
  15. I think you should request permission from the person who provided you with that material first. :)
  16. OK, so anyone who wants to read Taton's paper on the Drosera of Belgian Congo ( Drosera insolita, bequaertii, katangensis, congolana ) can check it out here:
  17. hi khelljugh the link you sent isnt working, i think bandwidth has been exceeded? m
  18. hey christian im working on scanning taton as i type this :) matt
  19. the first plant was at another botanical garden in europe, but apparently they refused to give it to anyone else and ended up losing it eventually. this is quite a shame because its such an interesting looking one. someone else reading this thread may want to say more about this one.
  20. the 2nd plant (sherlock) supposedly came from the botanical garden of liberec and was labelled burkeana until the photographer rebadged it pilosa. anyone know someone at liberec to find out collection details and get this form into cultivation since the photographer never managed to do so?
  21. andreas and fernando, you both need to write a few books. im sure your friends can guide you.
  22. and there is then of course "sherlock droserae's" which i still havent seen appear on anyone elses growlists after all these years. this may just be burkeana, which i believe is the label that was on it when sherlock received it.
  23. hi nigel. so that seems reasonably close. my confusion here is when comparing this plant with what id previously seen as pilosa here: these look quite different to me. matt