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  1. so now you know why your DROSERA villosa died last winter in the ice and snow ;)
  2. ive found villosa ibitipoca to tolerate warm temps without problems, maybe to 85-90F. some ascendens will as well, but some take a dive above 80f. matt
  3. awesome stuff as usual, fernando! by the way, ive been totally swamped again so sorry for not following up with you, please be patient! thanks matt
  4. ive had luck w seed up to 2 months old but dont have much experience with old seed. my heterodoxas from seed are now flowering size and gorgeous! :)
  5. beautiful collection. i always find it interesting that the sarracenia collections ive seen in the US are nothing compared to the ones in other countries. matt
  6. if you think about the great expense of collecting this plant in habitat, the price doesnt seem bad.
  7. i dont remember if hirt hirt goes dormant since its been a long time since i noticed this, and ive had lutesc go dormant but lately it hasnt, i think maybe it wont if you keep it warm and wet. matt
  8. YAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN. youre posting too many expedition reports. hahahah, just kidding. great work as always. nice pics/plants! matt
  9. these are both pretty easy growers. youll know lutescens when it flowers :) m
  10. would it be possible to take a pic of these 2 side by side, in the same lighting? better yet would be a comparison between the 2 of them both grown from seed, side by side, under the exact same conditions. m
  11. its nice finally seeing pics of these cuban pings.
  12. i still cant see these photos either
  13. take good care of these and spread them around. theyre going extinct in the wild, as im sure you know... matt
  14. uh, can we just call it chrysolosa to avoid confusion??? :) by the way, this one never germinated for me... i still havent got it... so take good care of yours, christian!! matt