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  1. I just thought I would point out that the 2 different plants I have received as this species - 1 with location data, the other without - are pretty different in appearance. I will try to propagate the one from Canaima sometime early this upcoming year so it should start making its way through collections soon. Then you Utric taxonomists can try to figure out the differences between them. ;)
  2. No, I am strongly opposed to removing plants from their habitat. Collecting seed / plants / leaves has to be done ONCE in order to get a plant into cultivation but beyond that, it's an unnecessary stress on that population of plants. I am saying that there are few people (Allen Lowrie is one of them) who actually look for people in exotic places to collect seed just so that new plants can be introduced into all of our collections. Most other people just wait for people like Allen to get something and make it available while in reality they can be a bit more resourceful and look for atypical sources of new material (friends travelling to foreign places, etc). I should add that any initial collection done should be done very carefully so as to have the least possible effect on the population. Matt
  3. Hey Fernando, Have you seen this "Drosera sp. Chapada Diamantina" I've been growing? IF it's really from Brazil, this could be a seasonally erect form of capillaris. I say "IF" because I also got a "D.sp.Auyan Tepui" from the same source years ago but sincerely doubt it's from Auyan. I have not grown what I believe to be the American "long arm form" of capillaris but I believe this particular plant, supposedly from Chapada Diamantina, is similar to this long arm form. However, I don't believe they are the same plants because I have never been successful at germinating the US long arm capillaris whereas the sp.CD germinate easily. I had the plant (sp.CD) for years under dryer conditions and it remained as a rosette but others I grew more recently from seed from a plant I gave a friend have grown upright under warmer, wetter conditions. I can take a photo if you'd like. Maybe you'd know something more about this one and it's origin. Didn't Diels see tons of intermedias? I would think he would have seen enough of them to know when he was looking at another intermedia so that does sound like a ridiculous mistake. He must have known intermedia to occur in the US, so why wouldn't he think it could have been found in S.America as well? Matt
  4. Hi Sean and George, Historically, CPers have focused more on pitcher plants than sundews. It's a fact of CPing... I've found this particularly true here in the US - you might have seen me complain about it in the past. Hopefully this will change and I encourage you in our mission! :) You guys have a huge assortment of Drosera in Australia and are lucky to have access to these plants. You've also got an advantage in that you can grow many of the tuberous plants well, which I haven't seen done by many people in other countries. I hope you 2 are taking advantage of your location and are trying to acquire new forms not yet present in cultivation. These make good trade items :) It's amazing that Allen Lowrie and others keep on discovering new plants in a place with quite a few CPers. I guess it all comes down to the fact that he's studying Drosera and few people will crawl around on the ground to look at tiny pygmy Drosera with a magnifying glass. :) Speaking of Allen, I feel that we all owe a lot to him because he has helped spread rare plants around the world. It often bothers me to think that most CPers rely on the efforts of a few generous and dedicated people to supply them with plants rather than being resourceful in order to acquire more material themselves. I've managed to acquire several new plants from unlikely sources and am doing what I can to propagate and distribute them. Anyway, it's only a matter of time before the plants I've shown in the photos make their way into more collections. I believe one of the reasons for the lack of Drosera in Australia is that customs is very strict over there and makes it next to impossible to legally import plants. Thanks, Matt
  5. MY mistake, it's supposed to read "rubrifolia". Matt
  6. Hi Langly, Thanks for the kind words! Matt
  7. Yes, give them TIME :) Also, give them space to grow. I've seen them grow extremely slowly but also very quickly. I'm not sure what triggers them to grow quicker than others though. Some of mine are growing pretty fast now and if I transplanted them they would probably be way too tall for the 10 gallon tank they are in. MAtt
  8. Thanks Vic. You'll notice though that most of the plants I grow are good terrarium growers. I usually stay away from the winter growers which tend not to like my living room temperature.... Matt
  9. More pics... schizandra: The true Drosera arenicola, from Duida: Drosera hilaris, probably going semi-dormant: Drosera hirticalyx, looking a little beat thanks to the flower stalk it's putting up. :)))) The elusive South African Drosera ramentacea: I like this one best because it reminds me of the picture of the Loch Ness Monster (aka "Nessie") I saw on that episode of "In Search Of". But wait, ramentacea does really exist, see?!: Major thanks to my good friends (you know who you are!) for providing me with these terrific plants! I might have some of the arenicola and later the hirticalyx for trade / sale - priority goes to my bestest trading buddies so email me and show your love if I haven't heard from you for a while! ;)
  10. Hey Pingman... Nice pics. Why wasn't capillaris the easiest for you to grow? I've found the typical form to be really easy. There should be a pic or 2 of some of my capillaris on my website growlist. (see link below). I had some more of some I recently got but I think I accidentally deleted them before uploading them to the computer. Ooops.... How's the capillaris 'alba' I sent you? Matt
  11. Sorry for the crosspost but I thought this message belonged here... Hi friends, I thought some of you might be interested to know that I just posted some new and not so new photos of some of my baby Drosera to my website. These and many others can be seen at Below are links to some of them. I'll have spares of some of these for trade or sale in the near future so please email me privately if you're in the US and are interested. Happy growing, Sundewmatt Drosera rubriflora Drosera camporupestris Drosera burkeana_zimbabwe Drosera grantsaui_itacambira Drosera madagascariensis_okavango_delta Drosera madagascriensis_y Drosera rotundifolia_evergrow Drosera sp4_south_africa Drosera villosa_ascendens_y Drosera paradoxa_x_lanata Drosera aff_paradoxa Drosera burmanni_surawak Drosera paradoxa Drosera brevicornis_x_kenneallyi_dundee_NT Drosera broomensis_mimilarrica Drosera paradoxa_king_edward_river Drosera kenneallyi_dundee_NT Drosera venusta Utricularia asplundii Duida
  12. Hey Fern, Tim might have gotten an aureomaculata originally distributed by me but if the one in question is that one, it came to me without location data from another friend. Matt
  13. Neither of these should need stratification. Just sow them in warm conditions (80 F), keep them wet and give good light and they should germinate. But please remember that few people have true D.burkeana and dielsiana can often be misidentified too... Matt
  14. Hi Manders, So you think it wants hot temps? Interesting. I thought it was because I wasn't stratifying that I didn't get results. Anyone have a large quantity of fresh slackii seed for me to experiment with? (I'd better check the fridge first to see if I still have any of the seed my buddy sent me months back first). On a related note, I've got a lot of D.rubriflora seedlings - a newly described plant from S.Africa. My biggest is under an inch but the leaves remind me a lot of slackii. Looks like it will be a real beauty! Matt
  15. Hi Cool85k5 (Is this your real name?!) ;) I grow everything in terraria but try not to grow plants with a firm dormancy requirement. If you would like a better idea of which Drosera should grow well in terraria, check out my growlist (URL below, I think). Drosera with dormancy periods generally don't like to be grown in terraria. Matt
  16. Hi Manders, Did you actually get the seed to germinate? I have never been able to (well, except for 1 measly seedling). Thanks, Matt
  17. Hi Jan, I do - I trade and sell my spares, but I only ship within the US. Please email me privately through my website if you're interested. Thanks, Matt
  18. Here's my site: More pics on the growlist... Thanks, Matt
  19. This is the fabulous work of my buddies Fernando and Marcelo. It is HIGHLY recommended!! Matt
  20. I have torn a couple of petiolaris complex plants apart as experiments to try to propagate them and had no luck. I will probably try again sometime soon, though honestly I am up to my eyeballs with them now - they germinate really well for me. Matt
  21. Hi Tim. Have you thought about putting a dome over the falconeri so the sunlight heats it up during the day? Matt