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  1. A month ago, I planted a ton of Drosera seed that had been stored in the fridge for over 10 years. The germination rate so far has been surprisingly good. I also planted 1 Sarracenia, 1 Heliamphora, 1 Darlingtonia. Seed was planted in warm conditions (no stratification) and so far, there has been no germination. And finally, I planted 4 species of SE USA Pinguicula. So far, there's only a single P. planifolia seedling. Does anyone know if ancient seed of the above non-Drosera varieties ever survives? Finally, I just discovered another batch of seed that was stored at room temperature for around 10 years :/ I'd be curious to know if anyone has had good results from seed stored under such conditions. I'll still plant a ton of it and try to post my results, but it would be nice to know what to expect so I don't check all my seed pots as obsessively as I've been checking the current batch! I'm particularly curious about Sarracenia and wonder how old is too old...
  2. sundewmatt

    Tepui drosera

    i have grown them for years with great success, but its indoors under lights. i think maybe you need to do the same. matt
  3. i just sowed some ancient seed i had stored in the fridge for over a decade. this included several pings from the SE USA. we're now on day 24 and... no sign of growth from the pings. on the other hand, so far I've had around 30% of the other seeds (mostly Drosera) germinate, with more popping up every day.
  4. ive grown mine for years in sphagnum and they've grown quite well. have actually been considering switching over to a peat based mix lately though, and may conduct some experiments soon.
  5. every time i get a new aquarium, i put it in the bathtub and fill it up with hot water and diluted liquid antibacterial hand soap and then let it sit for several hours. this seems to get rid of the silicone smell.
  6. great, thanks. this is a plant i helped spread quite a few years ago. just planted seed of it that i had stored in the fridge, hopefully it'll germinate along with the tons of other cool stuff i planted.
  7. hi christer! your kaieteurensis would benefit from brighter light, they turn a really nice pink color. matt
  8. i just planted some ancient refrigerated seed of hamiltonii (and 79 others) :). fingers crossed!
  9. very nice! Do you know location data?
  10. purchased the book, thanks for making this available to us! :)
  11. hi everyone! believe it or not, im still using ancient T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures and I need to upgrade. a long time ago, i bought some high output t5 fixtures. i tested them briefly and realized they ran way too hot for the plants i was growing. even with only 2 out of 4 bulbs installed, they're too hot. (im now selling these unused fixtures at a loss if anyone in the US is interested). so... im growing mostly drosera, with a few heliamphora and cephalotus. plants are in pots sitting in terraria which are sealed, so heat from the lights should be minimal. if you've been growing drosera well under lights for a long time, please let me know what fixtures and bulb types you're using and a little bit more about your growing setup, and also post pics of your plants or links to pics of your plants. thanks! matt
  12. wow, what a great thread. thanks, damien, i have wanted these plants since the 1980s! matt
  13. hey seb hows it going? its great seeing these, thanks for posting! matt
  14. nice pics, good to see pics of long island CP. :) matt
  15. good work! yeah, rotundifolia and intermedia. not sure about x beleziana there, maybe its just a young intermedia. the x belezianas in the area tend to stand out. matt
  16. very nice, congrats! would love to grow this sometime in the future when i have time for new plants. (too busy with work these days to do anything but maintain what i already have) matt
  17. hey everyone, i hope you're all doing well! the next erasure album (entitled "tomorrow's world) will have sarracenia on the cover. check out the image preview here (scroll down to news from august 5th): enjoy matt
  18. hi christian very nice longiscapa. this plant doesnt grow very well for me, maybe i dont grow it hot enough? or maybe it needs peat moss or a high water level? any tips? thanks matt
  19. hey rich, youll have to tell me (in private) about these salty spots in NJ/LI. anderson, if capillaris is difficult for you, you need to change your growing conditions - its an easy plant to grow! matt
  20. the top pic makes me wish i grew sarracenia. very nice!
  21. i think thats where they found that new african nepenthes species!