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  1. On 1/8/2010 at 6:27 PM, Fernando Rivadavia said:

    Aaaarrgh!!! :biggrin:

    PLEASE forget/delete this name "chrysolosa" from your heads! I think maybe Sundew Matt coined this unfortunate name up a few years ago based on what he thought it looked like. I curse the day this name was invented, hahaha!

    First of all, neither D.villosa nor D.ascendens are known to grow in the Serra do Cipó. Therefore, D.sp. "Cipó" CAN NOT be a hybrid between D.chrysolepis & D.villosa.

    When I first discovered D.sp.Cipó in 1996/7 I initially thought it was a hybrid between D.chrysolepis & D.tentaculata, which were growing nearby. But after seeing them growing in isolated populations and studying them over many years, I am convinced this is a separate species.

    The fact that a few people weren't able to get a single batch of seeds to germinate is not proof of hybrid origin, hehehe. We had the same problem with D.schwackei for many years, leading me to think it was a hybrid for a long time.

    We're not sure yet, but the evidence does seem to point in this direction. :) No seed yet.

    Thanks!! :)

    Once again, notice I mentioned that a single germination experiment did not work, hehehe. This doesn't mean the hybrid is sterile, we need more data in order to prove/disprove this hypothesis. I actually believe this one is fertile. As for othr hybrids, I have no data one way or the other yet.

    Best wishes,


    for the record, i jokingly said "...can we just call itchrysolosa  to avoid confusion??? :) "
    i wasn't being serious. so is anyone growing this chrysolosa looking thing now?



  2. funtofunky, thats what they look like... before they die! :/

    im guessing the roots might have died and it's just a bud sitting in air. if it was my plant, id remove just the bud and firmly plant it so its making good contact w the medium. 

    good luck! 


  3. well, i wasn't able to get answers to one of my questions here, so i regrettably joined facebook, posted a few rare drosera and instantly acquired 30 new facebook friends and lots and lots of likes. makes me feel real special. and loved. it also seems like a good way for those of us in the US to sell plants. ill be sure to check back here from time to time though. meanwhile, anyone who wants to be facebook friends, come n find me. :)


  4. I recently pulled some 10 year old DROSERA seed out of the refrigerator and planted it in several different isolated chambers.
    One of the batches now reeks of mildew (!).
    Visibly, there's some typical green slime, but I don't see anything that looks like mildew, and the seedlings are all very healthy.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to completely destroy this mildew or whatever it is thats causing this horrible odor?  

    Any solution would need to be completely non-toxic as I grow my plants in my living room. 
    I've been reading about sulfur and potassium bicarbonate but wonder if the sulfur would burn the Drosera and the potassium bicarbonate would be too basic. Here's some more info, though there's no indication on how Drosera would react to any of these, which is why I'm asking here. :)

    If I can't find a good solution, I'm gonna toss them and start over.



  5. id recommend putting them in dead milled sphagnum instead as live sphag can overgrow small plants. also, they're pretty spindly - it looks like they need to get more light.

    keep them really humid or they will probably (insert skull emoji).  next time id just recommend laying them flat in wet dead milled sphag in a brightly lit location w high humidity.


  6. i grew solaris from seed when it first entered cultivation. at the time, i was using a product called no damp off (milled sphagnum from mosser lee). it was great for germinating seed, but would eventually grow and overgrow small plants. ive since switched to supersphag, which doesn't grow. id recommend using supersphag or something else thats not going to grow moss that will compete with the plants. im looking forward to getting solaris seed again soon.

    good luck!