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  1. Helly guys, Im growing a few hely since last year, and i appreciate how them are growing under my condition (in my terrarium), so i decide to ask you a question cause i want to implementate my collection with a really fast growing hely. So which is the fastest growing heliamphora in your opinion? thanks in advice to everyone!
  2. Thanks for replying and your kindness Vince, very helpful! At least I did the order, LED with heatsinks will arrive next week. Anyway I want add some optics of different angles on the top of each LED. where I can buy that? and which angles I have to take for my LED setup? Thanks very much!
  3. Hello Stu, thanks for the photo, now we can see its. I have a question about your heatsinks, which is it size? and another question about LED, what distance did you put from one LED to another LED on the heatsinks? thanks again!
  4. hello manders, thanks for replying. how many LEDs you use? which is the size of your tank?
  5. Hello Vince, thanks for your replying. So at least you tell me to increase the number of LED to make sure I do not regret it. in your opinion red and blue LEDs are essential? can I do something like 28 cool withe and 24 warm withe ? (to make me sure) thanks for the helpful information too.
  6. Thanks for your replying yunzi. Sure I will post pictures of my work, but first I have to study my project better. I think 100W it's high me too, but I really want understand if it is acceptable, before buying all. has anyone else other experience with LED and can help me? thanks
  7. nice and beauty you have great plants!
  8. hello guys! so I have some news of my project about LED system. I learn enough about it, and now im ready to choose how many LED use for my plan, but i would like your opinion too. I would like to use the LED that I linked before. I have thought to use 20 cool withe, 20 warm withe, 4 led 410-420nm and 4 led 440-450nm= 48 LED total; all LED are 3watt power. about driver, I want to use 4 drivers running 12 LED from each of them. This will still produce a large amount of light as at 600mA that will running 100w of power. My question now is: I really need too much energy? in your opinion, can I reduce the number of LED or not? you know, I want to grow Highland and ultrahigland nepenthes and help too. I remember you that my terrarium is 70cm length 60cm height and 40 depth, so 168 liters total. thanks for your time.
  9. hello guys, I found this LED on eBay, can be ok for my tank in your opinion? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1W-3W-10W-LED-Grow-Light-Aquarium-Bridgelux-High-Power-chips-PCB-full-spectrum-/131345637382?var=&hash=item64459ba62a
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