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  1. Your pinguicula collection looks pretty nice! I like it a lot!
  2. Your plants perform some show again I like the first picture...
  3. I must second - nice bogs, unusuall for me from middle of Europe
  4. WOw! Nice job! Beautiful flower and plant. I love tiny mexican pings
  5. Those are some very nice photos! I'll need more time to explore them again and more thoroughly because it really is nice collection of genlisea pics (and other genera of course):-)
  6. It's always nice to see another pics of tuberous drosera from the wild :-) I am not familiar with this exact species. How high can it grows? It looks smaller in comparsion with D.stolonifera. I could say 10cm max???
  7. It is impossible to have them all in focus if they're not in the exact (or near exact - depends on aperture) same distance which is quite impossible to achieve too - so it's nothing to be sorry about. These are great photos! And nice flowers. And quite big
  8. Everytime I see photos of Your dews Daniel, I feel...pure envy
  9. Holly utric! That looks pretty awesome :-) Nice yellow gibba field!
  10. Hmmm I like P.jaumavensis - nice it flowers for you
  11. Thats a one nice little ping! First time hearing about this spec.
  12. Welcome! If you still have any doubts in identifying your plants, you can always post some photos here and someone recognise the plants for sure!
  13. That is one nice collection of pumila clones I am always glad to see lots and lots of nice CP photos! (With CP i meant pings, dews and utrics of course )
  14. It's not only about equipment. The person who take the photo is what matters; and his/her idea which he/she tries to make a real. I do not have to say she's got it all I am looking forward to more great work done from you both! Anyway I want to have this species too.........once I'll think I have enough growing skills... So not any time soon Untill then I'll take delight in pictures of yours
  15. This can't be! You are really lucky! I knew this is spectacular species before - but your plants are even more wonderfull so are the photos...
  16. I prefere the second - for me there there are no floating flowers in the dark I like when the rosettes are slightly blurry visible on the background od the flowers. Anyway - it's again great compilation of nice pictures from Your collection, Alexander! I am glad you stiill share them with us! Keep up the great work!