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  1. Nice shots - must have been beautiful trop. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hello!currently I am in Buffalo for six months as a visiting scholar at the University at Buffalo. Is anyone here on the forums from Buffalo? :-) I am mostly interested in nature photography (close-ups, details and macro, wild-life and landscapes). I would appreciate to be able to go for taking photos with someone and not alone all the time, since I am not familiar in places in New York state and surrounding states. I am also considering to rent a car from time to time for a few days to have some trips – currently I am walking on foot and I am the only one around here to do so it seems What I want to see and take a photo of? CPs of course, but also orchids (Cypripedium acaule, Cypripedium reginae, Calypso bulbosa, Pogonia sp., Plantanthera ciliaris and many more), butterflies and dragonflies. So – is anybody in Buffalo or somewhere around? Best,Slavek
  3. Nice pictures of beautiful places...some of them looked like they are straight from a fairytale
  4. After an almost a year i found this during routine watering and took a shot two weeks ago (the leaves were there for few moths already...but...). For now just a teaser In detail: And surprisingly also from almost the same place as last year (at the top of the pot):
  5. Thanks to you all for your kind words! Substrate is a mixture of peat, coarse grained silica sand, pearlite, foam rubber and live sphagnum. (I did not repotted it - its a medium i've got the plant in).
  6. Your set-ups are stunning and also photos and plants as well!
  7. It's a newbie in my collection - I received it with already developing flower stem. The flowerbud withstand 10 day trip across country with 7 days in my office before I moved it to its proper home. Now it's in full bloom and it's as expected beautiful display…
  8. Happends same to me yesterday - i deleted for example already filled "http" in the Website URL field and "0" in ICQ field etc. and it suddenly was able to update my profile...
  9. Nice plant You have! Wonderful flowers!!
  10. Me too but I decided to continue as a PhD student - so I'll be at "school" for few more years...
  11. Those photos are stunning. Quiet clear water - it is a really beautiful place! Amazing finding
  12. My bet is on spathulata too...
  13. That is wonderful document of beautiful plant and species!
  14. Yes I know that one - its nice and big hybrid. That picture was only for ilustration purposes of differences between two clones of the same hybrid for you to know what I had on my mind. Sorry for misunderstanding That is a LOT of plants. It looks like your wall will be completly covered with ping rossettes in few months. Will be a quite display for sure!
  15. Mine has longer petals and its paler and more bluish. So yours may has more agnata signs - flower shape and shorter leaves. Different clones of same hybrid might have slight different characteristics in order of flower and leaves apperance - did they not? For example from CPPhotoFinder - this hybrid i also own and mine has flowers like the clone in the right has. But it is still hard to identify hybrid if you do not know the parrents from the beggining