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  1. Nice shots - must have been beautiful trop. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hello!currently I am in Buffalo for six months as a visiting scholar at the University at Buffalo. Is anyone here on the forums from Buffalo? :-) I am mostly interested in nature photography (close-ups, details and macro, wild-life and landscapes). I would appreciate to be able to go for taking photos with someone and not alone all the time, since I am not familiar in places in New York state and surrounding states. I am also considering to rent a car from time to time for a few days to have some trips – currently I am walking on foot and I am the only one around here to do so it seems What I want to see and take a photo of? CPs of course, but also orchids (Cypripedium acaule, Cypripedium reginae, Calypso bulbosa, Pogonia sp., Plantanthera ciliaris and many more), butterflies and dragonflies. So – is anybody in Buffalo or somewhere around? Best,Slavek
  3. Nice pictures of beautiful places...some of them looked like they are straight from a fairytale
  4. After an almost a year i found this during routine watering and took a shot two weeks ago (the leaves were there for few moths already...but...). For now just a teaser In detail: And surprisingly also from almost the same place as last year (at the top of the pot):
  5. Thanks to you all for your kind words! Substrate is a mixture of peat, coarse grained silica sand, pearlite, foam rubber and live sphagnum. (I did not repotted it - its a medium i've got the plant in).
  6. Your set-ups are stunning and also photos and plants as well!
  7. It's a newbie in my collection - I received it with already developing flower stem. The flowerbud withstand 10 day trip across country with 7 days in my office before I moved it to its proper home. Now it's in full bloom and it's as expected beautiful display…
  8. Happends same to me yesterday - i deleted for example already filled "http" in the Website URL field and "0" in ICQ field etc. and it suddenly was able to update my profile...