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    I am a wheelchair user so to be honest learning and growing Nepenthes has become my passion / obsession. Unless Arsenal are playing then CP comes second.

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  1. Am i thick? Dont answer that! I click on the EEE website - click on the pre register for £8.00 button - then i am directed not to Paypal shopping cart but to the paypal "my account" page! I need the paypal address for the money to be sent to!!!! Or am i missing the blatantly obvious?
  2. Arsenal you say? Congratulations! You support the right team!

  3. Arsenal you say? Congratulations! You support the right team!

  4. I think that we have now gone full circle. The reason why people are not standing is becasue the AGM is so inaccesable to the majority of the members. So the thing that stops them is geography. This does not equate to a lack of interest. Thank you Dianne - I have a massive electric wheelchair and enough bloody equipment to sink the Ark Royal. It is why Chester is so convenient for me. I still cant see the problem with having a meeting at Chester - i know there are rules but this is a society of like minded individuals who should be having fun. This is not the Freemasons! Surely rules can
  5. May I make a suggestion now. This thread has been running a while and looking through it there is a genuine will from present comittee members, non comittee members and newbies (me) to use our collective skills/talents/knowledge to enlighten the non CP world of our amazing plants. Can i suggest a new thread is started where we can discuss the website/Marketing with those that currently perform it and are hampered by time and those who want to help can get involved. Then this thread can continue on its "he said, you said...." way or we can agree that there can be no agreement - all stop soundin
  6. I will put my money where my mouth is ......................... I hereby volunteer that any help on the website or Graphic design that I can give i will. I also propose that if allowed there become a West of Egland and Wales CPS group. Where we can just discuss and then maybe send someone to the AGM in the future. Blimey if the Womens Institute has over half a million members then I am sure that locally we can drum up interest. I mean this hobby of ours has to be better than Dame Vera Lynn banging on about Dover! ALso just a little thing - Why not have the AGM at Chester? Lots of us will be t
  7. I have been following this over the recent past and as a complete no-one and a relatively new member I thought a view from the bottom of the CP ladder would be benficial. First things first the financial allegations made by Vic2 are serious. I assume that as a charity the books are open to the public and that under the Freedom of Information act all charities books are available at companies house so this can be settled once and for all. I have no idea what happened in the past and quite frankly I dont care - I think Cameron and Clegg called each other all kinds of names in the past but now th
  8. Will take a picture in morning - actually 3 to be precise. As to whom i brought it from - well when i said my wife threw away the paper and the box and the note as well so its a bit of a poke in the dark really as i have bought a few and then deleted my in box. I think my mood with my wife can be best summed up by a story i heard today " I brought my wife one of those mood rings, when i am in a good mood it turns blue and when i am in a bad mood it leaves a big red mark on her forehead". And in case anyone really believes that then you ought to know i cant reach my wifes forehead.
  9. I am in the process of putting together my grow list with proper reference codes. I have a plant that arrived here through the post. Wife signed for it and unwrapped it and through away paper. (She thought she was helping - suggested she "help" somewhere else) the only thing written on its label is SX09. I assumed this was a standard form of identification. If you type SX09 into this forum you get 7 different plants that people classify as SX09. From Excellens to French Kiss to Stevensii etc etc. Type it into 'net and the options are limitless. So is there a difinitive list and if so how have
  10. Took delivery of my 8 x 6 greenhouse today. Wheelchair accesable and everything. Am delighted. Fired up my Parosene greenhouse heater to heat it up to a level for my Highland neps and for my Drosera's to germinate. Bubble wrapped all the inside. Caught Parosene heater with the rear wheel of my wheelchair. Amazing how fast Parafin comes out of the heater. Amazing how much 4 litres of parafin is. Managed to throw the heater out of the greenhouse door. Then remembered door was shut. Amazing how bloody strong polycarbonate is?????? Then managed to open door and throw the funnel with parrafin soake
  11. I have speant ages online and looked at all the greenhouses that are mentioned and love them all. The two problems I have is that they all seem to have this 3 inch frame across the bottom of the entrance when you open the door and also the door is narrower than my electric wheelchair. Anybody had any experience with a bespoke comp[any? Or come across a greenhouse without these two problems? Also - my plan is to turn my greenhouse when i find one into the perfect environment for my Nepenthes plants. I think my wife may kill me if she finds anything more hanging from the shower head or towel ra
  12. Some time ago I started this blog on my CP adventure - it's meant to be humourous with a generous sprinkling of truth in it. I hope it makes you laugh, nod and empathise all at the same time. If you like it then say so and i will post more but if its just inane ramblings then say that as well. My friends tell me that it makes them laugh and they think Stinging nettles are carniverous. New to CP Blog Day 1 Wife dragged me to the bloody Garden Centre today. Well when i say dragged, as a wheelchair user, pushed would be more accurate. Something to do with wanting some special fertilizer - i m
  13. Sorry to ask this but would love to come as you are only up the road (fairly long road) but is your Open Day wheelchair accesable?
  14. Excellent news and credit to the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Am a bit worried about Chester though - I live in Hereford and we all think they are in breds up there! need to do finger counts. On a serious note though - I have all the information for places to stay, access options etc ffor restaurants in Chester for any other wheelchair users who may want to go.