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  1. Hi Alexis, They've all been out since late March (subject to frost warnings) and fully outdoors since mid-April. I was hoping that the warmer weather of the past month or so would have got them all growing (we've been achieving mid-20sC virtually everyday, occasionally hitting 30C, with night-time temperatures rarely dipping below 15C). I did wonder whether it was overcrowding or a pest, but discounted these as none of the other plants appear affected (beyond smaller/less vigorous growth). Of course, it may be that I've lost this plant but the fact it's still in apparent good health (gree
  2. Hello, This is my first 'proper' post and although I have checked/searched the forum for an answer, I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere: I currently have a large pot filled with seven Sarracenia minor plants that I grow outdoors in our Cambridgeshire garden. The pot spent the winter months in the garage (unheated and with a north-facing window) before being put outside in late March (although it was brought back inside for those nights when a sharp frost was forecast). Roll forward to May and still there was no sign of any new growth. June came and four of the plants started s
  3. Hello Jim, and thanks for the info. I too am just to the west of Cambridge (Huntingdon, actually) so not a million miles from you! I am aware of Triffid Nurseries as they are close to where my parents live. I've not been but I understand that it's a fairly new venture run by a chap that also owns a nearby restaurant. One of these trips home I'll pop in and check them out, it's just finding time as work usually means these visits are rather fleeting! H.
  4. Hi Mike, Could you let me know the date of your October open-day? I'm heading over to see Paul and Jackie Gardner (P&J Plants) next month but would be interested in seeing you and your plants if other commitments allow. Kind regards, Howard
  5. Gentlemen, Many thanks for the warm welcome! Just browsing the forum pages over the last couple of days, I've been taken by the number of committed collectors there are 'on my doorstep', so to speak! Suddenly I don't feel so alone with my interest! Best wishes, Howard
  6. Hello to my fellow carnivorous plant enthusiasts! I'm new to the forum (obviously) but not so new to the world of carnivorous plants. My interest started some 20 years ago as a teenager with a small collection of plants that grew on my bedroom windowsill. University and frequent moves meant that my collection became neglected and broken-up such that I almost forgot about my childhood interest until about five years ago on a trip to Louisiana, where at a roadside, I spotted a clump of Sarracenia alata. The passion was re-ignited and since then I've become a modest collector of temperate car