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    BOTANY: mainly North American carnivorous plants.
    COLLECTING: high-end hi-fi; pottery and porcelain; fine pens; haute horologie; fossils; thematic philately.
    TRAVEL: Europe and USA.
    MISC.: rare whiskies; high-performance cars; resistance training.

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About Me

I am a 33-year old male, living with my fiancée and pet rabbit in Cambridgeshire, England. My background is geochmistry (M.Sc.) and law (LL.M.). I work in government affairs and law, representing the interests of the UK's metals recycling industry.

My interest in carnivorous plants started as a small boy and I have maintained a collection of plants of varying size for around 20 years. During my university years the collection was reduced significantly and remained so until just a few of years ago.

Since 2008 I have been actively building a collection of primarily North American and native species that are grown outdoors in a 6,500 litre/230 ft3bog and several 250 litre containers. The plant count is approaching 300, with around 40 species represented. A second 5,000 litre bog has been dug for planting in 2012 which should allow for greater diversification of plant forms; especially hardy Sarracenia. I also have a small (150 litre) terrarium with growlights that house a few subtropical Drosera and Heliamphora. Depending on how the terrarium performs over the coming year, I may invest in a larger tank to expand the collection to include a couple of Nepenthes species and more Heliamphora.

My other interests include collecting:

Luxury and haute horologie wristwatches.

Fine pens (mostly limited or special edition pieces).

Hi-fi and home cinema components from a certain Danish brand!

Stamps related to carnivorous plants and related thematics.

Fossils (museum grade pieces; as well as a larger collection of lesser quality rocks, minerals and fossils)

I also enjoy travelling (mostly USA and Europe), reading (classics, sci-fi and fantasy), fine dining, weight/resistance training, high-performance and luxury cars, snooker, whiskies, hiking, cycling. I have a weakness for Italian shoes and French neckties!

If you wish to discuss and /or share any of my interests, you can find me on Facebook using the same username.