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  1. Its been a while so will have to pay you a visit this year Mike. Steve
  2. I'll be there as usual Dennis, looking forward to it. Steve
  3. Thats a really healthy looking Utric, well done. Nice pictures too. Steve
  4. Its a cross between Moorei, Sarracenia nursery select form x Lynda Butt. I was hoping for a white top with the red throat which it clearly hasn't so if Elvis hadn't of taken it im afraid it would of ended up in the bin at the end of the year. Steve
  5. It was good to show you around. Glad you like the plant, its quite hard parting with them but there comes a time when you need the space. Steve
  6. You've got to get your priorities right, a bigger garden is a must. The Neps are ok, some are growing better than others but if they were all easy there would be no fun growing them. Steve
  7. Hi Chris Good to see the plants looking so big with nice colour too, you'll soon be needing another greenhouse. Steve
  8. Make that three, just to keep an eye on the previous dodgy characters. Steve
  9. Hi Maurizio Well done, im very envious. Your years of patience have finally payed off. Steve
  10. Hi Mike Thanks for opening up the collection once again and also for dividing some of the special plants and also to Helen for keeping the tea coming. Steve
  11. Hi Mike Just like to say thanks for a great day, the collection was looking first class. Do i win anything for furthest distance travelled? Lol Steve
  12. Hi Ian and Dianne It was well worth the trip, great plants, food and company and as John said the scenery was an added bonus. Steve.
  13. Fantastic. Beautiful flowers and very healthy and well grown Utrics. I`ve neglected my plants in the past but on seeing yours it has filled me with renewed enthusiasm. Steve
  14. No rain here for ages, been running the RO for a month or so which is keeping me going so you can keep the rain and bring on the sun. Phil there`s a big difference between forcast and actually getting any. Steve
  15. Hi Phil Wow, your plants are looking very healthy and have really put some size on since i last saw them. Looks like your growroom may need extending soon. Steve