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  1. Let me see....................... Born in Redwood City California Then I moved to Half Moon Bay California at age 2 Next I moved to Penn valley California at age 4 After that I moved to Nevada city California at age 6 Finally I moved to my current home in Ipswich Massachusetts (hey not in California) at age 9 YAY
  2. Thats awesome What magnification is that? I have never thought of this but it would be cool to look at other CPs up close like that Especially the clands on pings and drosera, the scales on sarrs, and the trigger hairs on VFTs I will try that with my microscope Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. cool ill pop a few in the garden and see what happens (may have to wait for spring though)
  4. gabew


    I am sorry if it sounded like I was "advertising" on this post This species is truly extremely hard to find for sale, the only place to buy it commercially is through Wistuba, selling similar sized or smaller plants, and he is sold out for a while I was merely saying that there is a very rare opportunity to buy this plant for those looking desperately to find it (i know there are people like that out there being one) Sorry for the confusion
  5. i was just looking on ebay and look what i FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!! it isn't a very big plant but it is still the real deal (i have bought from this seller before, he is a member of this forum as loligo1964, and he is a VERY good seller) this is a VERY rare opportunity to get this extremely rare and sought after plant, if you have a couple hundred dollars or so to spend on it!!! sorry to say only USA members in the lower 48 states can buy this however PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT my plant
  6. ive got a few seeds of those guys they are so neat, but they reek, and get BIG FAST what king of medium do you use?
  7. gabew

    Nepenthes ID

    okay thanks Amori, anyone want to second that! as for the mirabilis it was a bonus on another order so i really wasn't expecting much to begin with, just glad to get that cleared up, thanks Phil
  8. Ya i know i am really lucky The neps are, N. veitchii x lowii, N. ventricosa x xiphioides, two are still unidentified, and one sadly died If you want to see pics or try to help identify them i have a thread see HERE
  9. gabew

    Nepenthes ID

    ok back to this again well i still havent figured out what that third one was but it is growing nicely and has put out some pitchers so i thought i might post some new photos hoping to identify it here is a pic of the whole plant now, it has turned a nice red by now and here is a close up on a picture, (sorry for the horrible pic), you can't see it in the pictures bit it has tiny red stripes on the pristome and now there is this guy same deal as before he is a unidentified Wistuba hybrid the thing is before he wasn't doing so well so i decided to wait to post some pics of him here is the whole plant (you can see the crown unexpectedly died back but is now recovering) and a close up on the picture, they are very squat and have a big mouth thanks again
  10. gabew


    Some pics of my favorite cps
  11. I am glad i have never ordered from Black Jungle, but i have had a similar experience that turned out well with Wistuba It was way back when i was ordering my first helis, i bought the basic pack of H. monor, H. nutans, and H. heterodoxa Unfortunately they accidentally sent me the 5 random nepenthes hybrids pack instead I contacted them and they promptly sent me my replacement plants WITHOUT asking me to send back the neps In the end i got my helis and 5 free neps Now THATS good service, why can't everyone be like that
  12. gabew

    orchid ID

    can anyone identify this orchid? thank you
  13. gabew

    Non-Carnivorous Plants

    some pics of other various plants i grow
  14. gabew

    Other Carnivorous Plants

    some pics of my other cps