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  1. Should be fixed now.
  2. You can remove them or leave them on. No harm either way, except for aesthetics. Happy Growing!
  3. It takes a while for them to settle in that's all. Some of the blackening could be just normal old-leaf die-off. Dew will happen but it can take a few days. Don't dispair. Things will turn out just fine.
  4. Hi Priscilla. I've forwarded your message onto the seedbank manager for you. Are you waiting on something for a while?
  5. Hi @cap Welcome to CPUK. You bought a great book there. I also recommend Carnivorous Plants by @Nigel H-C for beginners. Feel free to ask any questions on this site. Newbies are always welcome.
  6. Welcome to CPUK. Feel free to ask lots of questions and read through the various sub-forums. Happy growing. Richard
  7. Ah, you caught the bug then?...
  8. @Platty I really like the sound of the Darwin article. Can I persuade you to write it for the Newsletter? It'd go down a treat.
  9. Hon Ada. Just seen it and flagged as spammer. Posts removed.
  10. It's fine. In the wild they use their curling tendrils to grip on to other plants to support them while they climb.
  11. It's doing fine so I'd leave it in the pot it's in and not divide it yet. Although they prefer to be repotted every two to three years for fresh soil so if you can it would benefit from it but it's not crucial this year I think. Also, try to put it in the sun. They like as much sun as they can get. You can't go OTT with it. If you're repotting it and moving it's location to full sun then I would nip out the flower stalks this year.
  12. Is there anyone else that have had problems with this seller recently?
  13. Andy, as one of the individuals who were unlawfully registered on the Charity Commission's website, it may or may not come as a surprise to you to learn that the Commission does not include squatter's rights as part of their regulations. I would recommend you allow Mrs Bell to deal with her issues herself.
  14. Yes that's it, Gary.
  15. Majority of the membership is in the south according to the membership map in the member database. It's being held at a location that's central to the majority.
  16. If you need to contact us for a replacement membership card, then please use the 'contact us' form on the website
  17. Hi Red. Welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask lots of questions. I know how awful it feels to struggle with them initially. I struggled for years, then I found the forum here and absorbed all the information, bought a couple of good books (The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato and Insect Eaters by Adrian Slack). I found all this information invaluable. And I soon learned how to bring my crash-test dummy of a Venus Flytrap through dormancy and out the other side. Same for a Sarracenia. On another note, it's more than likely that your Nepenthes alata is actually a hybrid called Nepen
  18. Hi Diki. Welcome to the forum. Depends on the chance of a polar weather front moving in or not. You can always shove it back in the shed if that does happen. Or throw some sacking over it. But if the weather stays as it is then outside is perfectly safe. They're tough enough.