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  1. It was suggested that, since Brexit, the UK & EU sales & trading sections be separated. This is due to Customs, CITES & Phytosanitary certificate requirements. I've done this now, although there's no way I'm going to go through and move historical posts around to put them in the right section. That would be a hell of a lot of work.
  2. It’s been rectified today. It was just mobile device browsers. But we want everyone to be able to access the site properly.
  3. I've asked for that to be looked into by our web developer. Hopefully he'll be able to sort it, as I agree it's a pain in the butt.
  4. I'd like to welcome Marcel van den Broek to the moderating staff of CPUK Forum. Marcel is eagle eyed for spammers and I'm sure he'll do a great job helping to keep things clean and tidy. Thank you for your service, @Marcel van den Broek
  5. Hi @ada and everyone who posted here. I've literally only just noticed this. I'm going to rectify that by setting a notification up for me when someone posts in this particular part of the forum. My inbox is always open, too.
  6. Richard Bunn


    I'll sort that out. Somehow. LOL. I'll add it to my to-do list.
  7. We'll definitely be working on it. It's been a while. Mind you, it's difficult to pin them down. But it's always worth the trip when it happens.
  8. Spammer's @dennisB I've banned them and blocked the IP address.
  9. Should be fixed now.
  10. You can remove them or leave them on. No harm either way, except for aesthetics. Happy Growing!
  11. It takes a while for them to settle in that's all. Some of the blackening could be just normal old-leaf die-off. Dew will happen but it can take a few days. Don't dispair. Things will turn out just fine.
  12. Hi Priscilla. I've forwarded your message onto the seedbank manager for you. Are you waiting on something for a while?
  13. Hi @cap Welcome to CPUK. You bought a great book there. I also recommend Carnivorous Plants by @Nigel H-C for beginners. Feel free to ask any questions on this site. Newbies are always welcome.
  14. Welcome to CPUK. Feel free to ask lots of questions and read through the various sub-forums. Happy growing. Richard
  15. Ah, you caught the bug then?...
  16. @Platty I really like the sound of the Darwin article. Can I persuade you to write it for the Newsletter? It'd go down a treat.
  17. Hon Ada. Just seen it and flagged as spammer. Posts removed.