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  1. Richard Bunn

    Does the society still exist

    @Carnivorous-Owen I've just seen this post. I'll bring it to the attention of the Membership Secretary. Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers who perform our roles in our spare time. Sadly, we don't have funds to hire staff for these things. I'm putting the Newsletter together as I type this and it will likely be released later next week.
  2. Dear CPS member As a UK charity, we can claim Gift Aid on your membership to the Carnivorous Plant Society. This comes to a considerable amount and is an important addition to Society funds. Unfortunately, because of an internal audit, we have discovered that the declaration you have made when you joined the Society is invalid, as it does not meet the current requirements for HMRC. Therefore we urgently need to obtain a new Gift Gid declaration from you. Thes link to the declaration can also be found at the end of this email in blue. All you need to do is fill the PDF file out (you can type in each information field) and return it to us by email ( There is no need for it to be signed. This applies even if you are NOT a current member - we still need a declaration from you. This is really important. The Gift Aid we have claimed from you amounts to £5 per year. If we do not hear from you this has to be repaid to HMRC. As you can imagine this could amount to a considerable bill! To qualify for Gift Aid on your membership, you must have paid UK tax in the appropriate year that is at least equal to the amount we are claiming from HMRC. If you believe you do not qualify in any year you must let me know by email. HMRC have given us a deadline to get this information. It’s so important that if I don’t hear from you within ten days I will write to you by post. Some of the records of members we are contacting go back many years and it’s likely that some email addresses have been changed. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO OPEN AND COMPLETE THE GIFT AID DECLARATION FORM Phil Wilson Treasurer The Carnivorous Plant Society Gift Aid Form.pdf
  3. Richard Bunn

    Stylidium debile dormancy?

    Mine stays in the unheated part of the greenhouse all year round.
  4. Richard Bunn

    Asking me for Help

    Hi folks If anyone wants to draw my attention to a question they're asking me on here would they PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a PM? That way I CAN help you. I don't read every post in the forum as I don't have time so I'm unlikely to see your request for help. Also, thinking logically, it's akin to submitting something for the Prime Minister's Question Time by popping it on the notice board in Tesco! PS There's also a 'tagging' feature in the system these days. If you want someone's attention on a post, mention their name by putting the @ symbol then type their name and select the link in the list that appears. It's really handy as they get notified. Usually, anyway, but there is the option for a member to disable it in their profile.
  5. Richard Bunn

    is this S. Leucophylla?

    Off the top of my sieve-like head my guess would be the Carniflora S. x mitchelliana
  6. Richard Bunn

    CPUK SSL Certificate

    Hi folks. We now have a fully operational SSL certificate for the forum. You'll see the little secure padlock in the address bar of your browser. Rest assured that all your data is secure, we've never been breached anyway, and we're also working on improving some other 'behind the scenes' bits and bobs. Massive thanks go to Phil Wilson (CPS Treasurer) and our web developer, Alistair Whitely for all your hard work also.
  7. Richard Bunn

    Login via Facebook Feature

    All fixed before it even broke. No need to panic.
  8. Richard Bunn

    Login via Facebook Feature

    Hi folks Facebook requires me to do an update for those that log in to the forum with their Facebook account. It's mandatory. In its current version, the feature expires October 6th. They require us to have an SSL, which we do have, we're trying to apply it as it turns out there has always been one but not applied to the full forum. Once it's sorted out I'll fix the Facebook login issue. So, a heads-up that the feature may be out of action for a few days from October 6th.
  9. Richard Bunn

    Growing Drosera Regia in the UK

    I find that they do better from seed than from acquiring plants in.
  10. Richard Bunn

    Forum problems

    I've our Treasurer Phil Wilson to thank for the improved speed. I wasn't getting anywhere with the hosting company regarding the speed issue so he went in heavy on them and they moved the thing to a faster server at no extra cost. It pays to be a grumpy fella in charge of the purse strings!
  11. Richard Bunn

    No email notification of new message

    Good. Thanks for letting me know Martin. Message me if the problem crops up again.
  12. Richard Bunn

    Hello from Cornwall

    Hi Gary Hello from Ireland. I'm originally from Cornwall but have lived here for 18 years. Places that are a MUST to visit in Cornwall are Gary Wheeler in Helston (you can find him on Facebook). Gary's a good friend of mine and has a great warm-temperate collection in many greenhouses (I lose count as he's always expanding) and a polytunnel or two. The Eden Project at St Austell (although their CP collection is relatively small) is an amazing horticultural experience. Also, if you can get hold of him via Facebook, John Jearrard who is just outside of Redruth around Lanner. If you can get there you'll find John's vast setup is pretty amazing.
  13. Richard Bunn

    No email notification of new message

    Hi Martin I've checked and the setting hasn't been changed by me or you. Actually it CAN'T be changed by you. It's on by default. I've looked into your profile update history and I see you changed your email address last month. Can you please PM me (I'm getting message emails anyway) with the email address you'd like to get notifications to (it will also be the one you need to log in from as this will be the one connected to your account). If anyone else is having this problem then please let me know. Preferably via PM as I'm more likely to see it.
  14. Richard Bunn

    No email notification of new message

    I'll look into it for you Martin. I didn't disable it as it would be a foolish move. It could be a problem with the domain provider but I'm not sure.
  15. Richard Bunn

    Forum problems

    It has gotten painfully slow. I'll get on to the hosting company this afternoon about it. It's unacceptable.