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  1. Richard Bunn

    The Carnivorous Plant Society - AGM

    If you need to contact us for a replacement membership card, then please use the 'contact us' form on the website
  2. Richard Bunn

    Hi from Norfolk

    Hi Red. Welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask lots of questions. I know how awful it feels to struggle with them initially. I struggled for years, then I found the forum here and absorbed all the information, bought a couple of good books (The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato and Insect Eaters by Adrian Slack). I found all this information invaluable. And I soon learned how to bring my crash-test dummy of a Venus Flytrap through dormancy and out the other side. Same for a Sarracenia. On another note, it's more than likely that your Nepenthes alata is actually a hybrid called Nepenthes Ventrata. That's the most common one available in the shops and garden centres. Happy growing.
  3. Richard Bunn

    Saying Hi

    Hi Diki. Welcome to the forum. Depends on the chance of a polar weather front moving in or not. You can always shove it back in the shed if that does happen. Or throw some sacking over it. But if the weather stays as it is then outside is perfectly safe. They're tough enough.
  4. Richard Bunn

    Collection for sale on eBay

    I've had to edit your post to remove the link. Forum rules don't allow ebay auction posts, only 'buy it now' ones.
  5. Richard Bunn

    CPS Issues

    Admin note: I've merged the two topics relating to this matter together in their entirety. Anyone can post. Forum rules (2004) apply.
  6. Richard Bunn


    Hi. The date hasn't been set yet as we're trying to secure an appropriate venue. The Committee will give members proper notice though once we know. Regards Richard
  7. Richard Bunn

    Best time to sow Pygmy Drosera gemmae

    Now. As soon as gemmae is produced. It doesn't keep very long at all in damp tissue in the fridge.
  8. Richard Bunn

    Greenhouse build

    Looking really good Alexis. I love those high-eave greenhouses. Wish I had thought about that at the time.
  9. Richard Bunn

    No more PM notifications?

    Should be fixed now.
  10. Richard Bunn

    No more PM notifications?

    I'll look into it tomorrow. This is because the fixes I made have been reversed.
  11. Richard Bunn

    More Lost Posts - Wednesday 12 December!

    This ought to get rectified today. I'll ask our developer if he took a more recent backup during the changeover (which is still happening). It may be possible to get them back. Changeover issues were a possibility. Sorry.
  12. Richard Bunn

    CPS Statement Regarding Forum Data Loss

    Thanks Steve. It's nearly there. Seems operational but I haven't had the final 'It's completely finished' email from our developer. He's been working very hard on it though. We've been in communication all afternoon.
  13. Richard Bunn

    Grow list missing plants

  14. A few days ago we discovered that the forum hosting company had started charging us for running two servers for CPUK, rather than one. We did not request a second service, other than our backup service. Upon contacting them, they told us which service needed to go and told me to delete it via the client area. I did this as instructed. They told me the wrong one. This unfortunately also included the backups. Upon deleting our active server we then discovered that they had been storing our weekly backups of the system on the same server, rather than on a different one (which is best practice). The only backup that was available to us to be successfully restored was from August. This was when we moved to a faster SSD server. Therefore all content posted onto the forum, along with PMs and new sponsors advertising on the homepage, is as it was on August 5th 2018. All information between that date and Sunday, December 9th 2018 has been irretrievably lost by the hosting company. Needless to say, we are incredibly disappointed (not my actual words) in the service we've been paying for and the impact this has had on our community here. We will be moving to our own web hosting service very shortly. There may be some downtime during this changeover. I'll post when it has moved successfully and we can all work together to rebuild our beloved forum from the rubble as I know our forum membership can, no doubt, rise to the occasion and make CPUK great again! When the Phoenix has risen from the ashes, we ask that anyone who has recently posted plants AND SEED for sale or exchange to please list these here again. This would benefit many people. If you registered after August 5th you will need to reregister again. If you have just registered (or done it again) I will send out the validation emails when the transfer is complete. We are so sorry for all the inconvenience caused to all affected by this issue. Yours sincerely Richard Bunn CPUK Forum Webmaster The Carnivorous Plant Society