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  1. This is exactly what I have done this year. I crossed 4 hybrids composed of 2 each of the parent species as per the above method. I selected some very vigorous hybrids to try to produce vigorous plants that are worth growing, rather than just a simple blend of generic traits. This fall will be the seed of the F1 generation which will grow all winter and spring under 24 hour lights. Hopefully they will mature within about 3 years so that selections can be made to grow out and cross to each other to get the F2 generation, which will be producing seedlings all of which are 1/8th of each of the 8 primary species. I am hoping to get the F2 generation matured and showing off their best growth within 10 years. If all goes well.
  2. Hopefully, I will be able to cut off any further trouble before this goes the direction it went on another forum in which I posted the same questioning post. Unfortunately, I just checked back in and found out that this post was read by some people who took it upon themselves to harass and threaten the individual selling the plants. I do not support this method and I feel it does far more harm than good, to both the plants and to those interested in them. Asking these questions at forums is a way for us to access as many opinions and perspectives as possible in the hopes that someone will be able to provide information that is helpful. One individual who replied in the other forum claims to have exactly that information. That is exactly my goal in posting such things when I see them. I have no way of knowing that this person is telling the truth when he states that the plants are on his land. Several of you bring up important points such as this. On the other hand, I have no evidence that what the seller is doing is illegal, so I asked the most collectively knowledgeable group I could....CP forums. The reasons why I did not ask the seller questions regarding his plants myself are simple. I am in no place of authority to do anything about it if something was wrong, and many people on these forums have connections to people that could take action if it is needed. I am also on some forums about reptiles and in both the CP world and the herp world, I have seen several cases where someone was found to be selling illegally collected specimens on ebay or in online classifieds. Upon being questioned by people like myself, the individuals closed up shop and were not held responsible. One individual was caught by LE several years later with a sack full of protected massasauguas from NY state. He was tipped of to the possibility of being caught by being questioned about his classified ad on a reptile forum. How many protected species did he remove from the wild and sell before LE caught up with him later? Another herper from Kansas is constantly setting up new Kingsnake.com ID's and selling wild collected animals that are not legal, he has never been held responsible. Granted, these examples are pretty extreme, but my concern is the same. And my hope in posting here, as I mentioned, is that someone can provide information that indicates one way or the other. Had others not taken action into their own hands, this may have led to intelligent conversation, as such posts have in the past. If I ever see something that I feel is suspicious in the future I will be certain to not post it to a forum, and if I do, i will be much more careful to not state any indication of my opinions of the ethical issues I feel are important. I too agree with individuals being able to dig wild plants of non-protected, legally collected samples. If no one was allowed to do so, none of us would ever be able to grow any of the plants we love. What I don't agree with is the digging of wild plants, legal or not, for sale on the open market by request. Just because it is legal does not mean that it is ethical. Considering the devastation done, primarily by habitat loss, to wild Sarracenia, and considering the ample supply of well grown plants from growers. In my opinion, there is no place for market collecting and open market sales of plants. But this is just my opinion, and as indicated by some of you, this may indeed be a good way to give land owners a reason to protect the habitats on their property. If this can be demonstrated, as in this case Phil does, that the population is benefiting from this sellers attention, then all the better. But I am only 33 years old and even I have seen the loss of small populations of sarracenia to poaching and development. I have also heard of many examples from more experienced older CP'ers of this in years past, so my suspicion is raised when I see these kinds of posts and my instinct is to try to get people that may be able to figure it out and act if needed to protect the plants. Thanks to all of you for bringing up important points, and for having a good conversation about this. And thank you for not lynching the seller without information, as others have done. I will contact this seller and apologize to him for drawing such negative attention from us. Perhaps, if he hears from some of us in the right way, we can gain another member of the community who has land with these plants and we can help him learn about them, manage them, and protect them. Be Well
  3. I think this is very sad, he clearly isn't a CP enthusiast, just a market digger. Obviously, I cannot say whether or not he is breaking the law, but I certainly feel he is challenging some strong ethical principles. http://cgi.ebay.com/Carnivorous-Pitcher-Pl...=item35ac871829 Please chime in and let me know what you think. Also, if any moderator could move this to the most appropriate place, I would appreciate it. Not sure if this was the best place for this.
  4. Droseraman, thanks for the link, I'll see if this is something I can manage right now, or perhaps a plan for the future. Wow, Fernando, that sounds like quite a complicated set up! I may need to reconoider my plans, Missouri has very hard water, it comes out of the faucet as chunks of limestone that you have to hammer down to pour it. I don't have the means right now to check the genetics on the Drosera x beleziana population. I went back a couple more times and still could not confirm that they were sexually reproducing at the site, just that the apparent behavior/abundance looks like they may be. I wasn't able to observe any vegetative propagation either, such as by stolons. Although Drosera x beleziana doesn't typically grow this way when I have seen it at many other sites, even near the population in question, rather, they always seem to grow in tidy individual plants. However, I cannot get a good idea about the possibility of a normal, sterile D. x beleziana that just by random chance grew with the ability to spread by vegetative growth, without doing too much damage to a small and fragile site. I have not been able to find viable seed from these plants, nor seedlings, nor evidence of vegetative reproduction. Jim still has some of the leaf cutting clones from that site, if you want any to check the DNA, I am sure he can send some. Otherwise, I'll have to get back out there and get some new material myself. He also has some D. x beleziana from known sterile, typical plants for comparison, if there is any difference to see. I moved to Missouri in October, now I am about 15 hours away from the Pinelands, Florida, and Arizona, so If I ever get a job, and the required vacation time, I can get to any of these locations relatively easily. Though, of course, it was much easier to get to the Pinelands from NYC ;) Take Care, and let me know when you are going back to NJ, I'll try to get out and meet up with you and Rich, or whoever else is available. Be Well
  5. Thanks Fernando, I was hoping to keep things simple than all that, but I am trying to have a nicely planted aquarium anyway. Regardless of species, I think I may need to fertilize and use CO2, so if that is the case, it sure seems a shame to not have CP's involved if at all possible. I am hoping to be able to have my brother build me a nice LED lighting unit with 3W LEDS of the appropriate color. He works for a sign company and may have access to the LEDs and certainly knows how to put them together to make a usable unit :) Fernando, I hope you are planning another trip out to the east coast sometime. I live in Missouri, but if I can get off of work, I couldn't think of a better excuse to go running around back in the Pinelands (with warmer weather of course) Martin, I love my fish, but would be all to happy to see utric or aldrovanda traps snap up the little kids, nature is great and there is nothing wrong with watching it unfold in an aquarium :)
  6. Thanks fro that suggestion, sounds interesting to have it grow up a log and flower out of the water. I think I might have to get creative.
  7. Hello, I just started an aquarium several months ago and I was starting to plant it with live plants. I was wondering if anyone is aware of or has had any experience growing utrics or aldrovanda in a standard planted fish aquarium. I know that the CP's tend to grow in nitrogen starved environments, but I also know that aldrovanda can handle higher nitrogen if other parameters are right. Any suggestions would be very appreciated, I miss having CP's and hope that just a utric or aldrovanda will do until I can begin growing Drosera again. Be Well, Jason
  8. Sarracenia flava, Yellow Pitcher Plant, with early morning dew; Liberty County, Apalachicola National Forest, Sumatra, Florida http://jasonksepka.smugmug.com/
  9. Just checking to see how to use SmugMug to post my pics here. Take Care, Jason This is a pic from Blackwater River St. Pk. this past spring http://jason-ksepka.smugmug.com
  10. Well, I don't know if it is a good thing or not, but they sure look like they grow better in France than here in the states! Thanks for posting, it was interesting to see the plants.
  11. Wow, I am very pleased to have found this post. Simply Magical!!! Thanks
  12. Hey Fernando and everyone else, I just now found this thread and it prompted me to register so I can say hi. It was great getting to meet you guys, especially in the field. I hope it isn't in poor taste but since our trip was on Mother's day, and the plants were still pretty dormant, I have a few pics of the Drosera x beleziana during the growing season. Hey Rich, I went back to the hybrida spot and could not find any plants Also, Jim B. told me that he and some companions found hybrida at a location near the beleziana spot years ago. At least one person with him did take pieces and as far as I know at least some of the plants in circulation today are from this location. Last year Jim came out and we tried to find plants at that location and it appears that they are also gone from that spot. So there was at least one other wild hybrida location, plus the one Matt mentioned, unless they are the same location. This first pic is just a nice D. x beleziana with a typical intermedia, the rest are from the plot of plants that Fernando mentioned.
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