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    Plantes carnivores, Quad, paintball, les oiseaux et plus encore ...
  1. Quelques photos "Green Sawtooth" "Multidents" "Louchapates" "Coquillage" "Cross Teeth #2" "Snake Dentition" "Fang" "Cropped Tooth" Semis
  2. Great pitchers, great colors, great photos...... Great grower!
  3. N. lowii x ventricosa red is my favorite! Great collection!
  4. "Cross Teeth #2 "Giant" "1955" "Coquillage" "Fondue" "Whale" "Triton" "Microdent" "Fine Tooth x Red clone 1" & "Shark Teeth #2"
  5. News of my VFT's "F04" "Cropped Tooth" "Angelwings" "Tim's Giant" "Fuzzy Tooth" "Fused Tooth" "Cup Trap" "Kinchyaku" "Dracula" "Wacky Trap" "Shark Teeth"
  6. "Fuzzy Tooth" "Fused Tooth" "Shark Teeth" "Giant Big Mouth" "Cropped Tooth" "Louchapates" "Spotty" View Seedling Pitcher plants Sundew plants
  7. "Trichterfalle" "G14" "Cross Teeth #2" "Angelwings" "Fondue" "Crocodile" "Microdent" "Red Fused Petiole" "Fused Tooth Perso" "Cp4 Traps" "Spider" "Paradisia" "Dentate Traps (CZ)" "Whale"
  8. Thanks for your com's "Biohazard" is a terrible cultivar, all the way from the hell
  9. Hi everybody, her is some pictures from France "G14" "Whale" "Clone F" "Microdent" "Crocodile" "Coquillage" "Louchapates" "Dentate Traps (CZ)" "Fused Tooth Perso 1" (Speeddy 31) "Triton" "Biohazard" "Fine Tooth x Red clone 1" "Lep Giant" Seedling
  10. Good and Happy new year from France
  11. Very good!!! Your nepenthes are very nice it's a real pleasure to see these photos
  12. oh! Ok i don't know that ! So tomorrow I get ride heathers of my contenant, but i go all to leave it even in some jars of plant which i have in double to observe. In France we haven't speak to me about this. I go to search more infos on the web. Thanks for the advice
  13. Hi Mike i don't understand why the heathers are not good for the vft's You suggest to me of to get ride the Heather? It's a pity i find it's pretty with vft's. I have of the heather in my contenant only since one the years, I have had no problem with her yet. Can you explain to me why the heather is she fatal,Before I remove them thank you.