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  1. Feel free to add me: O. Carneiro Bristol BS15 My Grow List (in construction) Thanks
  2. I bought a potted Sarracenia some time ago, its been re-potted since, but in the pot it came in, are now growing some Drosera, could someone please identify it for me please? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have now a few 1 year old VFT seedlings, and would like to know if they need to hibernate this winter, as I can keep them in the terrarium as I did last winter. Thanks in advance.
  4. That does make sense, the pitcher is on the "shade" of the others...
  5. This window never gets direct sunlight, and so far the maximum temp in the terrarium as never been over 30 Celsius. There are 2 PC fans, a 1 amp one that works on and off during the day for air circulation and a 4 amp one that comes on when the lights go out and that is the only means i'm using to cool down the Terra during the night. They can be seen on the picture, in the cover on the sides of the lamp. I just find it strange that yesterday the pitcher was in a perfect shape in the morning and when i got home in the evening it was like this, im very new at this but i reckon that if it w
  6. I got it from Hampshire CP in the end of may, been there since then, it seems to be doing fine so far, it came with 3 adult pitchers its got 6 now and the biggest pitcher you can see in the picture its actually a new one, it was just today that this happened. and the lamp holder was from and old desk lamp...
  7. Daytime 28 to 30 Celsius and 65 to 70% Night time 15 to 18 and 80 to 85% And my Terrarium is and old aquarium were i recycled the light fitting to use a Fluorescent 50w daylight tube and added a 65w Blue Spectrum 6400k CFL, its also located on a south facing window. This is a picture from mid June:
  8. Hi everyone When I left to work this morning all was fine, but when I returned at the end of the day the most recent adult pitcher was like this. Also it looks like its starting to happen to the biggest pitcher as well I'm a bit concerned, if any one could please let me know if you have any idea of what's causing this would appreciate the advice. Thanks in advance
  9. Unbelievably funny! i'm submitting your reply to "Wikiquotes" asap!!
  10. Hi, i'm new here and this is my first post, so please be gentle I'm in the process of making a highland terrarium and having researched for a bit on the "How to" i have found a few mentions to making a pool/well in the terrarium so that water can be collected and siphoned out to remove excess minerals. But in most of posts, examples or pictures in this forum and others i don't actually see many with one or even one being mentioned, so i was wondering if this is really necessary or beneficial to the plants. Thanks for any advice or feed back in advance.