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  1. Thats a great selection guys, thanks a lot :)
  2. I too havent had a good winter, but due to frost didn't even bother with mine and let them freeze. Only my capensis is up and running, 2 Venus flytraps have been dumped already and the sarrs are loosing more colour and nothing is shooting. I don't really care too much, might buy myself a couple more to keep me occupied lol
  3. Cool, and do cephs have a dormancy? I have a south facing window, so yes it's very sunny Harris, yes it is me :) Hope you're all doing good, I miss being part of the community but I had too many disasters that year
  4. Im not really into neps, so ill give them a miss. Heli's are difficult to care for apparently, im not spending alot of time on them like I used to. Drosera, Utrics and Pings sound good, could anyone suggest me a few names that would be good under my care please?
  5. Hey all, I havent been in touch with any forums after my summer disaster! I left my plants out all winter to freeze and sadly it looks like they're all going to die. However I kept my capensis out of dormancy as you should and only watered it a bit as the soil stayed more moist for longer. So I'm after expanding my window sill collection and finding a neighbour for my capensis that can live under the same conditions. I'm not just after another sundew, it can be any type of carnivorous plant. Many thanks, Hayden
  6. Hayden

    Purp tray

    I also like purps, and love your idea of having one big tray of them! Something I must sort out for my self some time!
  7. Ive read on his page that he uses the special boxes to keep temp down in the summer? Its bad how nobody tells you when your going to get everything.
  8. Hayden

    Bugz and Stuff

    Very nice looking I just tore a pitcher off one of mine earlier, theyre all so fragile!
  9. Sounds strange, so you have no idea what happened?
  10. Hayden

    when to go dormant

    Yeah, if you do it all instant your plant will be even more damaged!
  11. Hayden


    As James said, eBays good. But we also have some good deals going around on the sales and wants section!