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  1. On 12/31/2017 at 8:14 AM, carla said:
    Hi, I'm from Necochea, a city on the coast of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
    I recently started with carnivorous plants. In my city I am the only one who can not 
    have any information and I have nothing to resort to forums, books and friends growers 
    of Buenos Aires.

    Hi and welcome to the forum

  2. 7 hours ago, Dunc said:

    I'm left my seedlings outside so far (or a recommendation) - one died but rest still looking good.  Anyone with advice on how to get through the winter?  Have grown a number of times from seed but never managed to keep more than a year or two!

    I've brought mine into the g/h now and last time I looked it was still doing OK.

  3. Normally you must give sarracenia a winter dormancy. However, with seedlings you can prevent that happening and they'll grow faster. A heated propagator works well for this else on a windowsill in a heated room should be OK - maybe under cover to raise the humidity and giving occasional foliar feed. You can do this until they reach 2 years old or so.

  4. It will need a dormancy period over winter when it should be kept cold with reduced watering so the compost is damp rather than sopping wet. I think it was Nigel H-C who suggested dormancy should be from Halloween to Valentine's day which is a good way of remembering the important dates. The pot size is fine ATM.

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