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  1. Hi all, On a related subject I've just received a sarracenia from a nursery which has suspicious red spots. Are they the same thing Mike was worried about or something else? Doesn't seem to affect it's fly-catching ability though. I'm keeping it quarantined ATM to prevent possible infection of my other plants. If they're a problem, suggestions of treatment would be welcome. Many thanks,
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    Yes, despite the decay insects are still attracted to the plants. So, it's OK to leave things as they are? Thanks
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    Hi, Many of my sarracenias have caught so many insects they've come out in brown splotches round the dead insects. I found a previous thread which mentions the same thing (I think) : What's the accepted wisdom on how to treat this problem? Just leave it or crop the pitchers below the rot? Seems a shame to prevent the plants catching prey but it does spoil their look. BTW all my plants are in a cool greenhouse. Many thanks,
  4. I've just measured water produced by my RO system at 9ppm - the lowest ever! Here in Derby tap water is usually 180-200ppm and rainwater about 45ppm. Despite the recent rain I only use RO water now. Cheers,
  5. Quite probably. These are the names on the labels and they're in quotes, so I don't put much store by them. Regards,
  6. I wasn't going to bid for this as I already have a Schnell's Ghost but then I realised it is MK's L4 and not L3. So, I'll up my bid to £4.50. To give you an idea of what it'll look like here's a picture of my Schnell's Ghost, NOT the one being offered here.
  7. Will have a look at the neps next time I'm there. Here's a pic of my garden centre bought sarras. There's a so-called "Tara", "Mieke", "Wrigleyana", "Stevensii" and an unnamed one which looks like an ordinary flava all doing pretty well, if I say so myself Cheers,
  8. Haven't got into neps yet. If they're reasonably priced maybe worth a try. Surprising how quickly the neglected sarracenias pick uo though after a bit of TLC. Cheers,
  9. Bardills by any chance? Can't resist buying something whenever I'm there. Cheers
  10. I think I have a much clearer picture about RO systems now, thanks. Just one final question; I've noticed that domestic RO systems seem to be either for drinking water or for aquaria. Which system do people normally go for? Cheers,
  11. Thanks for the info. Some more questions How do they connect to the mains? Is it a tap connection, or do they require something more permanent? Can they work unattended? How quickly do they work? Cheers,
  12. Hi, I've read several of the threads regarding water quality and seen good reports on reverse osmosis systems. Looking at the websites there appears to be a multitude of different types. Does anybody have any hints or recommendations? Thanks, Martin
  13. Hi Richard, Welcome. You'll find plenty of opportunity to build your collection here!
  14. Thanks Stephen. I had a feeling that was the case. I have an automatic roof vent and leave the door open when the weather's OK when at work. Think I'll remove the shading especially with the overcast skies we've been having this week. Cheers, Martin
  15. Hi, I've recently returned to collecting CPs and this time procured a greenhouse for the purpose. A month or so ago finding the interior very hot and the sun very bright and fearing the plants would get scorched I installed some greenhouse shading I bought from B&Q. In people's experience is this really necessary or will the CPs thrive on the sunlight? I live in the East Midlands and am mostly growing sarracenias. Many thanks, Martin
  16. Go on, you've talked me into it! I'll be there but unfortunately not for very long. Cheers, Martin
  17. Thanks everybody. I've already bought each of the sarracenia species to get me re-started. I'm also trying seed for the first time which is a bit of a challenge but hopefully worth the effort.
  18. Hello everyone. Just joined CPUK yesterday as I've started collecting again after a break of about 10 years. It's good to see so many sources of plants now - I can only remember Marston Exotics from all those years ago.
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