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    Keen flava

    One of my S.flava can't wait until spring and produced this flower bud about a month ago. It's survived the freezing conditions so far, do you think it'll make it to spring? Thanks,
  2. Yes, I've obtained all my plants from either Hampshire Carnivorous Plants, Extreme Plants and this forum. Gert has a wider range of plants than Hants but both were very helpful. Cheers,
  3. linuxman


    Welcome John. You'll find lots of good advice and information here.
  4. Unfortunately, still been -2C here all day. At least there's the cricket score to keep us cheerful
  5. Dan, You could try here but they're all sold out ATM. However, I never had a reply to my email last summer when I was looking for new plants. Good luck.
  6. I came across this place in the US while googling that distributes world wide. They supply the certificates at a cost and you need to supply the correct import paperwork. At $75 plus handling charge and minimum plant order of $100 I would have thought it's not worth it. I have no experience of these sellers.
  7. I've seen P. 'Tina' in the same garden centre before, so that's probably it. Thanks for the info.
  8. Hi, I bought this unlabelled plant from a garden centre on a whim a few weeks ago. Being a novice with pinguiculas I've not much idea what it is. I was thinking some cross with P. moranensis maybe? It is currently on a windowsill standing in a water tray until I just removed it. Is this OK for the winter? Thanks,
  9. Hi Dan, Yes, I believe it is normal for them to flower throughout the year. It takes some time though, my H. nutans started flowering early summer and it's only on its second flower now! And the flower stem can be extremely long, mines at 2ft and still growing. Enjoy.
  10. I think your approach is probably the sensible one to take. I reckon what happens is people get a plant with a label or description and not knowing what it means just copy it all down. Sometimes this gets confused so when the plant is sold on the location is all garbled. It would just be good to sort this out now and again
  11. Hi, I recently obtained a Sarracenia flava var. rugelii from a named location. The location is written as: Uninc Liberty County, FL., Sumatra Now I've ascertained that 'uninc' means unincorporated, ie from my understanding it's a region that is not municipally controlled by a larger area (not something we have in Britain as everywhere is incorporated; villages by towns, towns by counties etc). So I thought the location would be better named as: Sumatra, uninc. Liberty County, FL. The grower was only naming it as given to him. So, which is right? Thoughts anyone? I'm hoping the US members will be able to help. TIA
  12. And now I know how to pronounce 'tepui' properly
  13. Looks good Tricky, but may be overkill for my needs. Bet there's no Linux version of the software, as well Regards,
  14. Do you find that the mains adapter is necessary? Thanks,
  15. Hi, Does anyone use a plant label printer? I can never seem to write small or clear enough to get all the info on to a label so I was considering one of these. I've found this one specially marketed to gardeners. Anyone got it or have experience of it? Thanks,
  16. Wow, good'n'hairy. Wish I could grow them like that. In fact, wish I could grow them at all!
  17. I never doubted you Tricky I wouldn't mind a few of these myself, hence asking for the name. Do you have a waiting list? Cheers,
  18. Terrific plants Tricky. Great colours. For the uninitiated could you put names to them? Thanks
  19. linuxman

    polination ?

    I think what they do is transfer the pollen from one plant (or the same) to the stigma with a paintbrush as has already been mentioned. Then they cover the flower with something like a muslin bag to ensure no further pollination takes place. Also it's recommended to insert the paintbrush into the soil of the pot where the pollen came from so there's no confusion. Or make sure you clean the brush thoroughly. This way you know exactly what's pollinating what.
  20. I've only been growing helis this year and have all the plants you mention except H.heterodoxa. They are altitude plants (about 1000m or so I believe) and so do need the night-time temperature drop. These plants are pretty easy to grow and I've not manged to kill any yet I keep mine in a greenhouse through the summer and top watered everyday but not left standing in water. They seemed to do alright like that. Now they're inside under lights at about 18C during the day and 10C at night. D. binata I'm keeping on the windowsill over winter as I don't think they appreciate freezing, but I may be wrong. Don't have any experience of your other plants, I'm afraid. Good luck.
  21. Ah, thanks for that I've often wondered. I have a S. minor var okefenokeensis Lois Glas clone from Mike King (M8). I always thought it was a place
  22. Fantastic colour on your helis! Do you use any lighting or is that just good Mediterranean sunshine?
  23. Hi Ron, welcome to the forum. Wish we had your weather ATM.
  24. Seems to be broken now. Some sort of mysql error.
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    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy.