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  1. Hi, Now that the first sarracenia flower buds are appearing I was thinking of planning some crosses. But I was wondering how to describe any seeds produced. For instance if I pollinate plant A with pollen from plant B and vice versa can I give both sets of seed the same name, ie S. (A x B), or should only the first be S.(A x B) and the second S.(B x A)? What's the general opinion on this? Thanks,
  2. According to here the show was first broadcast in 1981. I remember watching it but didn't realise it was so long ago. It was also repeated on Channel 4 in 1992, apparently.
  3. Mike has been dividing recently so may have a plant available. Always worth an email! Or, get yourself on his waiting list.
  4. All the books say that mealy bugs are hard to eradicate and suggest repeated applications of a systemic insecticide. And you're correct, they can infect the roots so I'd inspect them thoroughly. Not much help I'm afraid.
  5. Here are some more for your list that I've collected while googling.
  6. linuxman


    Joseph, does the 90 in "90 grit silica sand" refer to the US sieve number, or something else? Any idea what size grit particles that gives? Thanks
  7. Very true Phil. Do we know if any extensive analysis has been done of these soils? I'm assuming it's some sort of sandy nutrient poor loam mixture for sarracenia but I've never seen it described anywhere.
  8. Found some spawn in the pond this morning, but only one lot. No other frogs either, think the bad weather must have killed off a lot.
  9. Saw one frog in the garden pond today. There may be others I'm not aware of. So, spawning can't be that far off.
  10. I'm doing that now. Will definitely follow your example next year, thanks for the advice.
  11. Unfortunately it's happened to me as well, probably for the very same reason.
  12. While in B&Q to get some perlite I succumbed and bought the green sarracenia (could be a rubra as James suggested) and a VFT. Unfortunately each plant comes with a generic carnivorous plant label informing the poor owner that their new plant requires partial shade and benefits from misting. Probably good advice for nepenthes (I only grow a N. alata in the bathroom) but not something I would do to sarracenia and drosera. The partial shade requirement explains why the sarra is so green, it's now in full sun in my greenhouse and I'm intrigued to see what it turns out like.
  13. So has ours! B&Q must be trying a new range. I resisted the temptation to make a rescue bid. Simonas, as for your plants, keep the soil just moist this time of year. Stand the pot in a tray of rainwater up to an inch deep when the weather gets warmer. And beware of frosts for your sundew, but the other plants would be OK. Also they should be fine on a windowsill ATM but will need more light in the spring either in a greenhouse, well-lit conservatory or possibly outside (how cold is the Wirral?). I started like this last year and must have nearly 100 plants now Happy growing!
  14. They're only on the windowsill at the moment. When it gets a bit warmer I'll try them in the greenhouse. Cheers,
  15. For what it's worth here are 2 pictures of my plants. D. adelae D. prolifera
  16. I grow mine in a live sphagnum/perlite mixture covered by a plastic dome cloche to maintain humidity. D. adelae and D. prolifera are doing well, can't say the same of D. schizandra.
  17. I bow to Cedric's superior knowledge. Leah Wilkerson looks a stunning plant. Where can I get one? I think it's already on my wish list
  18. Hi, The first one looks like a fine example of S.x 'Adrian Slack' but most of the photos show more red colouration. Maybe it's something very similar to 'Adrian Slack'. The other could be a hybrid that includes S.minor but I don't know its name. Nice plants, though.
  19. I asked this same question a few months ago. Someone (can't remember who now) was kind enough to point me in the direction of this plant ID de-confuser. Like you I suggested a common naming approach, but it's not going to happen; I even have my own different system now. Hope this helps.
  20. Hi Garson. Welcome to the forum.
  21. linuxman

    polination ?

    Here's a good tutorial on Sarracenia pollination by Brooks Garcia which may be useful.
  22. There's also the famous D.binata cv. 'Marston Dragon' selected by Adrian Slack.
  23. Welcome to CPUK Devon. Sorry to hear about you losing your plants. Hope you have better luck in the future.