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  1. Good looking plants Stephen. You seem to be a bit ahead of me, especially with the leucophyllas. And how did you get that D. binata so bushy? When I hung mine up in the greenhouse it lost all its dew and had to be returned to the water tray.
  2. I have the "Sarracenia flava Var. rubricorpora - Cv. 'Burgundy' ex. J. Ainsworth" from P-J Plants. Is this the same as the A Slack clone? I notice P-J Plants sell another plant called the "A Slack division 1987", so maybe that one is the real Burgundy. mattybadboy44 I could post a pic so we could compare.
  3. As I've managed to kill my darlingtonia up to now, I'm now trying this CPS recommended substrate combination (paragraph at bottom of the page). It's working up to now, so fingers crossed.
  4. That's pretty rubbish for RO water. My current batch is reading 1 ppm, and it has for the last few months. Tap water round here come out at about 250 ppm, which is nearly as good as your bowl 1. Maybe they've added salt for the marine fish
  5. Could only find Hampshire and Hewitt-Cooper in the list. Probably find the CPS are there as well.
  6. linuxman

    Sarra ID

    Yes, could be. Looks a bit like this wrigleyana.
  7. Hi Mike, I shall be there on 11 June. I'll also be bringing my small Heliamphora collection for sale or swap. They're mostly common hybrids so suitable for beginners. Will hopefully have a few Drosera binata and adelae with me as well. Looking forward to coming home with lots of new plants! Regards,
  8. I'm crossing it with a S.flava var cuprea, which could be interesting. I didn't want to self it, so the choice really depended on what was in flower at the same time
  9. Hi, Anyone got experience of this cultivar? I obtained him (somehow always think of it as male ) last autumn when he was going into dormancy. I was worried it had died over the winter but it is only now showing signs of life and even throwing up a flower stalk (about 1cm ATM). I don't think its tardiness is down to my conditions as I've got 4 other sarras in flower now with many more coming soon. Maybe it's always as slow as this? TIA
  10. Hi All, Thought I'd share this with you. My first red flower and I think it's rather nice...
  11. Steve, You probably know this already but the website says it'll be out Spring/early Summer 2011, so nothing really definite.
  12. I'm very pleased with it, but nothing else out yet to cross-pollinate it with I'd love to produce a S. moorei with it.
  13. If we had a largest bloom competition how do you think this would do? I reckon it must be 15cms or so across. It started life in Italy (thanks Marco) which may explain its large size this early in the year. BTW the plant is S. flava var flava (Harleysville, PA) Regards,
  14. Just a comment on method of membership payment. I'm not a great fan of direct debit but would be quite happy with paypal if given a few reminders before the due date (I'm sure there must be some automatic way of doing this). I've been with the society less than a year but these changes sound like they're going in the right direction. Regards,
  15. Ok. Will do that tomorrow morning, as it looks like it's going to be a hot day!
  16. Hi, The seeds I planted last autumn are now starting to sprout. They are in a seed tray under a plastic cover. I was wondering when to remove the cover, now they're sprouting or wait a while until they're bigger? Do they benefit from the extra humidity? Tray under a bench on the greenhouse floor where it gets the morning sun. Regards,
  17. You can get J Arthur Bowers peat from Bardills on the A52 near Nottingham. That's about the only local place I've managed to find any good stuff. Avoid Westland's peat unless you can't get anything else. You can get sharp sand from J Arthur Bowers at Bardills as well but I find the perlite expensive there. And welcome to the forum!
  18. Thought I'd add my two-penneth. What about doing some gift ware or collectable souvenirs. I was thinking maybe tea-towels, bookmarks, fridge magnets etc.
  19. Well I may as well give it a try then. At the last count I had 23 flower buds appearing so there's a bit of a choice. I'll try to find a vigorous plant to give it the best chance.
  20. Hi, My new S.leuco 'Tarnok' has thrown up a flower bud this year. I've read on the web that it is sterile but does anyone know if either the pollen (assuming there is any) or the stigma are fertile? I have read that the ovaries and stigma don't connect correctly so seed production is impossible. So, anyone know differently or should I forget about getting seed and just admire the spectacular flower. Cheers,
  21. Hi Dan, I've used this place for moss (suggestion from this forum) but not in the quantity you want. May be worth an email, though.
  22. Thanks for the info Amar, I didn't know about that nomenclature. I'll have to keep my seeds separate and named correctly then. Cheers,
  23. Truly astonishing colours. I only wish I could grow one like that, or at all really
  24. But aren't leuco x flava and flava x leuco both called S.x moorei?