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    lynda butt

    From the album: sarracenia_linuxman

    S. 'Lynda Butt'
  2. linuxman

    daniel rudd

    From the album: sarracenia_linuxman

    S. 'Daniel Rudd'
  3. linuxman


    From the album: sarracenia_linuxman

    S.xmoorei 'Brooks hybrid'
  4. linuxman

    adrian slack

    From the album: sarracenia_linuxman

    Two young pitchers on S.'Adrian Slack'
  5. linuxman


    From the album: drosera_linuxman

    D.prolifera up close.
  6. linuxman


    From the album: drosera_linuxman

    D.adelae with D.prolifera and baby.
  7. Did they get botrytis mould? I few of my sarracenia did resulting in the rhizome turning brown and brittle. The grow points still look OK but they never produced any growth. I believe lack of ventilation and being over damp causes the botrytis. I lost one vft this year in the cold greenhouse over winter. I don't know if its a general observation but I found vfts in bigger pots seem to survive better. Not a very scientific survey though.
  8. Hadn't noticed that one. It really is insane!
  9. Thanks Alexis, I carry on and see what grows.
  10. Who's got a good head for heights? http://www.angelfire...riest_path.html Enjoy!
  11. Yes good idea. I'm new to this seedling lark, so if you got any tips they'd be most welcome. All my seedlings were sown in half-size seed trays. Some trays are indoors on a SE facing windowsill, the rest are on the sunny side of the greenhouse floor. Is this OK? How long should the seedlings remain in the trays? I read somewhere that sarracenia seedlings benefit from fresh compost after six months or so (if I remember correctly), is that right? Regards,
  12. Nice plants Alexis. I'm also using J Arthur Bowers peat and have the grey mould. Just zapped it with Systhane but yet to see if it works. I'm growing seed from Cedric as well. Am trying Orange Fire x flava ornata and Orange Fire x flava rugelii. Something to look forward to!
  13. Wow, that's an impressive collection you have there.
  14. Yes, I've had both the twisted and distorted pitchers. Also got a few that haven't shown any growth at all yet, but I don't think they're dead. I guess a few more weeks should tell.
  15. A few of my plants this afternoon. Hope you like them. Judith Hindle Evendine stevensii catesbaei oreophila ornata my first flava (all one plant) rubricorpora var. maxima venosa young Adrian Slack
  16. Like the red capensis. Nice cat as well. Good luck with both!
  17. I agree with all this and use the 3 tap method myself. Just remember to turn off the outlets before the water inlet to prevent the membrane drying out and keep the pressure up in the unit. If you plumb it in indoors you can fit a Y connector to the normal washing machine feed so it's not necessary to cut your cold water supply pipe. I know RO-man can provide all these bits.
  18. Matt, Essex Carnivorous Plants have a CV Burgundy. May be worth checking out. And no, Natale, it doesn't help seeing your terrific plant . Only joking, it's certainly something to aspire to. Regards,
  19. Great looking plants. I'm green with envy
  20. Although going by what John Jearrard says on this page it's possible that the plant is just sulking. Certainly in my case I only got the plant in the new year so it was recently re-potted which seems to upset them. I'll wait and see next year
  21. Ah well. Looks like my plant has been mis-labelled at some time.
  22. Two of my favourite sarracenia ATM. atropurpurea (Blackwater, FL) oreophila x minor okefenokeensis hybrid
  23. Well, here it is. I'm hoping it will redden up as it ages.
  24. I'll try to get a photo tomorrow as well as I'm re-arranging the greenhouse; that is if I don't get washed away by the rain