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    From the album: EEE2011

    EEE2011 - last stand on left
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    From the album: EEE2011

    EEE2011 - second stand on right
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    From the album: EEE2011

    EEE2011 - first stand on right
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    From the album: EEE2011

    EEE2011 - biggest H. nutans ever?
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    charles darwin

    From the album: EEE2011

    EEE2011 - distinguished guest
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    All stands

    From the album: EEE2011

    EEE2011 - all marquees to the right
  7. The cheapest fares tend to be internet only. If you use it should show any conditions of travel.
  8. Hi, I'm hoping there'll be a lot of interesting plants to purchase this weekend. Not having been to EEE before what can we do with all these plants we buy? Will there be somewhere to store them during the day or will I have to walk round carrying armfuls of pots? Thanks,
  9. As I understand it, it's all down to genetics. This page and other similar ones may help, although I'll have to read it again before it makes much sense to me. Regards,
  10. A belated welcome to the forum
  11. Ah, I think a lot of us have done that at one time or another. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Hello and welcome to CPUK forum. Hope you find lots to interest you here; Regards,
  13. It does look good, doesn't it! I also wondered about its ancestry. Here says its S. x ((oreophila x purpurea hybrid with a large ruffled hood) x leucophylla). Cheers,
  14. How about keeping the wine theme going with Merlot or Merlot Giant if it's big?
  15. Hi, For those who've never been to any of Mike's open days here's a that gives you the flavour (taken by Cedric on a private visit (?) last year I think). See you there on 11 June.Regards,
  16. Thanks Andy. Always happy to contribute to such a good cause. Regards,
  17. Must admit, didn't convince me either. Cheers,
  18. Hi, There has been some discussion of this on the forum in the last few weeks. If I remember correctly there are 2 main possibilities for this:- 1. The compost (probably peat) is contaminated with fertiliser. Now, this is probably not the cause if you haven't recently repotted. 2. The recent extreme winter has over-stressed the plant and its reacted by producing deformed growth. This is the reason I favour. Many growers seem to have suffered from deformed pitchers this year (I've had the corkscrew pitchers and mal-formed lids etc) but the plant does recover. If your problems are the result of reason 1. then maybe a repot is in order. Regards,
  19. Hi, A 'Claret' is being sold on ebay with a red flower. Is that right?
  20. Great collection. I especially liked what I assume were S. x moorei near the end. The ones with the pink blush at the top. Is it a named cultivar?
  21. Hi greenzone5. Welcome to CPUK. You'll find lots of information and people willing to help here. Enjoy!
  22. 2 of the 3 sisters (with baby) D. prolifera up close S. x moorei 'Brooks hybrid' S. 'Marston Mill' S. 'Marston clone' S. 'Daniel Rudd' S. 'Lynda Butt' (still young) S. 'Adrian Slack' slower getting bigger! (with S. 'Daniel Rudd' in the background)