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    From the album: OpenDay2011

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    From the album: OpenDay2011

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    From the album: OpenDay2011

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    From the album: OpenDay2011

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    From the album: OpenDay2011

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    From the album: OpenDay2011

  7. Welcome to the forum. What type of plant have you got exactly? You may have trouble with dormancy for sarracenia and venus flytraps. Warm temperate and tropical pings should be OK indoors but the temperate ones will need cold temperatures. Anyway, you should find good advice here. Cheers,
  8. Looks really impressive, but how do you water it and keep all the compost damp?
  9. Hi, Thought I'd show you the progress of these sarra seedlings after only 6 months. Seed obtained from Cedric and planted about March 2011 (didn't record exact date do'h). Under Cedric's naming scheme the parents were SX33 x SFO09. I think they're so well advanced because of being kept in a heated propagator but nevertheless I'm very pleased with them and hopefully should develop into a few good plants. Cheers,
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    From the album: Seedlings

    S. 'Orange Fire' x S.flava var. ornata seedlings
  11. Fantastic Cedric. I think mooreis must be my favourite of all the Sarras. Only wish I could grow them as well as you
  12. I've got some nice trays of moss from my previous attempts growing from seed showing I don't give up but I'm hoping for more success this time!
  13. Check your local aquarium fish suppliers as they usually sell RO water. But take a TDS reading before using to be on the safe side as some people have reported salts being added to aquarium water.
  14. I planted some typical clone seed immediately after collection a few weeks ago. No sign of germination yet. I may divide the new seed and trial both methods. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Hi, Those of you that grow Ceph from seed, do you find stratification necessary or helpful? I didn't think it got that cold in its natural habitat. In case you're wondering why I'm asking the question I've got some of Stephen's selfed 'Eden Black' seed that I would like to be as successful as possible. Many thanks,
  16. I'll bid £6. Well worth it I think.
  17. Yep, that's what they look like So, I could be in luck.