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  1. 47 minutes ago, Platty said:

    Excellent thank you. That is quite an extensive list. Next question is. I assume the numbers are donated to the clones available in cultivation. What do the letters stand for?

    Grower's initials usually. See the bottom of the deconfusifier introduction page.

  2. On 1/24/2019 at 4:49 PM, Fly trap said:

    Do you reckon it would be safer to purchase them now if they are bare root plants?

    I think HC carnivorous plants, Hampshire and P-J plants (other nurseries are available) all sell potted plants, so you'd be safe with any of these. There's no advantage to bare rooted plants, except maybe cost of postage, but there shouldn't be a problem with them. I'll be getting some in the post soon, the Italian postal system willing!

    Should make clear that I'm mainly talking about sarracenia here. I wouldn't buy drosera, for instance, at this time of year unless the plant was already potted.

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  3. If your pinguicula is of the tropical kind then don't put it outside in a g/h. Keep it warm on a windowsill indoors.

    Sarracenia can be repotted this time of year with no harm but as already been said you'll not see much growth for a month or 2. If they're coming from reputable sellers they'll already be acclimatised to the cold weather so can go straight into the g/h once potted.

  4. 15 hours ago, dede718 said:

    Hi linux thanks for answer

    This is my last purchase, M18 :tu:

    For the moment I have these clones

    Sarracenia minor
    S.M01 minor  -- var. okefenokeensis
    S.M02 minor  -- var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, North East. (M16,MK) 
    S.M03 minor  -- var. okefenokeensis, Giant ex. Weilbrenner, extremely tall and robust plant. (Klein) 
    S.M04 minor  -- var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee - north, GA (=S6L) M24A (M.Srba)
    S.M05 minor  -- var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, Clone reputed to reach 4ft, Alastair Culham, Reading University, (M18 MK)  

    But I want to grow up my minor list

    And that's not so easy to find subject of even informations on the clones, compare to more common plants by quantity in the collection


    A lot of S. minor listed here of course (with some photos).

  5. You can see details set out by the government here. The immediate problem would be if we leave with a "No-deal". It says "the UK would be treated as a third country and would lose access to the EU plant passport regime" and "the UK would become a third country, and would need to meet EU third country import requirements to export controlled plants and plant products to the EU". However, for imports they say this: "To deliver a smooth transition when we leave the EU, in a ‘no deal’ scenario the Government has decided that the majority of plants and plant products are low-risk and should continue to enter the UK from the EU freely, as they do now." So, we're alright :wink: Just need EU countries to be reasonable now.

  6. 3 hours ago, Zerbirus said:

    brad's greenhouse darlingtonia growing tips

    I believe many in the US have trouble growing darlingtonia because their climate is nothing like it is in N California or Oregon. There shouldn't be similar problems in this country. I grow both outdoors and in the g/h and have had a very good year. The outdoor pitchers in particular have caught so many flies they're going brown and getting very smelly.

  7. You obviously get what you pay for. I've got 2 from the cheaper end of the market and they've been fine. Maybe a little difficult to assemble but just be careful and patient and it should go together OK. I would recommend buying one with a base. In my case the base comes with an aluminium peg for each corner. This can be concreted into the ground and will ensure the g/h remains fixed and stable. A top tip: when installing the base ensure the diagonals are the same length as this will result in right angles at the corners. Once the base is installed you just build the g/h up from it - nice and easy! I'd also recommend buying a g/h with high eaves, especially if you're growing sarracenia. Most suppliers will replace any broken glass you find during assembly, but there can be a time limit - in my case it was 2 weeks. So, if you're not erecting the g/h immediately may be worth checking the glass for breakages. I've only got horticultural glass and a few panes have needed replacing over the years. I've laid a base inside the g/h using compacted sand and cheap slabs finished off with dry cement dust in the gaps. It's a bit of extra work but does give a better look and possibly helps with stability. Else gravel will do on top of a weed membrane. I'm sure others can supply other tips and advice. You can see my 2nd greenhouse half-way down this thread.

    Good luck!

  8. Yes, photos would be helpful. As Tommyr says don't do the division now but when he says. Sarracenia can stand a lot of pot crowding with no ill effects so that shouldn't be causing the pitcher browning. Make sure it's getting plenty of rain water and protection from the wind as that can cause damage.

  9. On 7/5/2018 at 7:02 AM, Netjer said:

    I've just spotted these in my local Asda (as well as some surprisingly big VFTs). I believe they were £7 each.

    Yes, that was it. They are selling vfts and even Drosera capensis at the same price.Not worth buying the capensis as like most people it's a weed in my collection. I wouldn't normally buy CPs from ASDA, but the S. purpurea looked quite good and would probably only get killed by anyone else so I rescued it. However, the care instructions aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

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