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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum. In a normal year there are many open days you could attend and pick up plants from many of the growers on this forum. Next year, perhaps?
  2. Thanks Things progressing a bit slow ATM as winds are a bit strong. Have put the 6 vents together and the louvres (no glass yet). Watch this space.
  3. linuxman


    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  4. A neighbour's cat. She seems to like the warm concrete slabs!
  5. I have others in the garden connected to the roof gutters, but I will be getting more and hopefully connecting them all together.
  6. Just about the largest g/h that would fit in the space as recommended by everyone, especially Mike! Took a new house in order to get this, maybe you could convince your missus the same.
  7. I'll continue growing what I am now - just more! That's mainly sarracenia with a few drosera, darlingtonia and vfts.
  8. ... and finishing off the main structure. Still bracing to complete followed by the doors and vents. And then the glazing
  9. I recently bought a new house. It has this nice large flat garden area which is perfect for a large greenhouse. So I bought a Robinsons Regal greenhouse (12'7" x 20'10"). here are the photos of the construction, starting with the base ...