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  1. Thanks Jerry. Yes, this could be bit of a challenge but at least I'm starting with easier varieties (or so I'm told). I keep the greenhouse door open all day and I intend to put the helis as close as possible to it for the ventilation. Anyway, it's not too warm here in the UK ATM so they shouldn't burn. Maybe I'll put up shading just for them next year. I'll also try the pot flooding you suggest.

    Fingers crossed.


  2. I've never seen any advice in the books on leaf cuttings, although I've read it's supposed to be possible. I pulled a leaf off one of my flavas a while back, shortened it and stuck it in the same pot. Not seen any growth yet so can't say it's going to work, but it's still green! I'm also doing a rhizome notching experiment which has worked and I intend to post the results some time in the future.


  3. Hi everyone,

    I'm hopefully getting my first Heliamphora next week from Extreme Plants (thanks Gert). I'll be starting with juvenile H. x heterodoxa x minor and H. nutans. Over the summer and autumn I intend to keep them in the cool greenhouse with my Sarracenias and bring them in to the house over the winter.

    I've read all about the various substrates and shall use LFS and perlite in a 50:50 mix. Also, I've come across different opinions about watering - tray, no tray, gravel bed etc, and misting and no misting because of fungus. Thoughts anyone?

    I was also wondering whether a drip system would be beneficial? Then I wouldn't use a tray but drain the excess water to be reused later.

    I would be grateful for comments and advice that anyone's got that may prevent this first attempt ending in disaster!

    Many thanks,

  4. Wow, didn't realise there were that many pages!

    I think like most people I started my own list numbering system based on the order I obtained plants. But I reckon I'll give up on this and like LJ just include all the details from the seller that I can. I'm sure that'll end up in duplicates but hey, what you gonna do? At least I won't be adding to the confusion :sad:


  5. Hi,

    You're probably right LJ that no one's going to use somebody else's system. But like you say getting similar plants from different growers and not knowing if they're the same can be frustrating. I've started my own numbering system but with a mixture of MK, andycpuk, Matthew Soper etc numbers it's getting rather confusing and I anticipate difficult to maintain. I am keeping a list of the plant ID and origin though.

    Phil, great link. Someone's got too much time on his hands ;-)


  6. Hi,

    Is there any system for clone numbering? For example to take one of Mike King's clones described as:

    F27A All red form, Blackwater State Forest Park.(W).

    Does everyone use this number or does each new collection start their own system? Would sure be easier if F27A (for instance) meant the same everywhere! What do others think?


  7. Hi All,

    Like many others I bought a S. x "Juthatip Soper" from Mike King on his open day. Well, I'm really impressed by this latest pitcher and thought I'd share it with you :laugh2:


    Just noticed the black spot of fly poo on the lip that I'll clean off tomorrow.

    Another angle showing an older pitcher in the background (and neighbour's cat). This new pitcher will eventually darken to this colour with age.



  8. Hi all,

    On a related subject I've just received a sarracenia from a nursery which has suspicious red spots. Are they the same thing Mike was worried about or something else? Doesn't seem to affect it's fly-catching ability though. I'm keeping it quarantined ATM to prevent possible infection of my other plants. If they're a problem, suggestions of treatment would be welcome.



    Many thanks,

  9. Hi,

    Many of my sarracenias have caught so many insects they've come out in brown splotches round the dead insects. I found a previous thread which mentions the same thing (I think) : http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28541

    What's the accepted wisdom on how to treat this problem? Just leave it or crop the pitchers below the rot? Seems a shame to prevent the plants catching prey but it does spoil their look. BTW all my plants are in a cool greenhouse.

    Many thanks,

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