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  1. While in B&Q to get some perlite I succumbed and bought the green sarracenia (could be a rubra as James suggested) and a VFT. Unfortunately each plant comes with a generic carnivorous plant label informing the poor owner that their new plant requires partial shade and benefits from misting. Probably good advice for nepenthes (I only grow a N. alata in the bathroom) but not something I would do to sarracenia and drosera. The partial shade requirement explains why the sarra is so green, it's now in full sun in my greenhouse and I'm intrigued to see what it turns out like.

  2. The local B&Q has these plants as well.

    So has ours! B&Q must be trying a new range. I resisted the temptation to make a rescue bid.

    Simonas, as for your plants, keep the soil just moist this time of year. Stand the pot in a tray of rainwater up to an inch deep when the weather gets warmer. And beware of frosts for your sundew, but the other plants would be OK. Also they should be fine on a windowsill ATM but will need more light in the spring either in a greenhouse, well-lit conservatory or possibly outside (how cold is the Wirral?). I started like this last year and must have nearly 100 plants now :biggrin:

    Happy growing!

  3. Hi,

    The first one looks like a fine example of S.x 'Adrian Slack' but most of the photos show more red colouration. Maybe it's something very similar to 'Adrian Slack'. The other could be a hybrid that includes S.minor but I don't know its name.

    Nice plants, though.

  4. Hampshire carnivorous plants often have a few in stock. A post on this forums Sales & Wants section might result in some offers if there is a particular Heliamphora you are looking for. Although not matching your 'UK' criteria, the German Society of carnivorous plants - GFP forum is also a good source/resource, if you can speak a little German (Google translate is my friend :(). Other than the aforementioned, the main source for many Heliamphora is The Nepenthes Nursery (Wistuba). Extreme Plants usually have a good range and the proprietor, Gert, is very helpful and friendly. Obviously, this is not a good time for shipping though and many would want to wait until spring.

    Yes, I've obtained all my plants from either Hampshire Carnivorous Plants, Extreme Plants and this forum. Gert has a wider range of plants than Hants but both were very helpful.


  5. then tell me you do not know if any site that provides plants for Italy with the necessary phytosanitary certificates?????

    I came across this place in the US while googling that distributes world wide. They supply the certificates at a cost and you need to supply the correct import paperwork. At $75 plus handling charge and minimum plant order of $100 I would have thought it's not worth it. I have no experience of these sellers.

  6. Hi,

    I bought this unlabelled plant from a garden centre on a whim a few weeks ago. Being a novice with pinguiculas I've not much idea what it is. I was thinking some cross with P. moranensis maybe? It is currently on a windowsill standing in a water tray until I just removed it. Is this OK for the winter?





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