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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

  12. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  13. Yes, this does happen and I've no idea why. If you don't want seed remove the flower head - I usually do this after petal fall. If it's early enough in the year the plant will some times produce pitchers. I reckon that an early spring followed by a cold period can confuse the plant into forgetting about summer and waiting for next year. Removing any flower buds next year may help the plant recover in the long term.
  14. What I would suggest (that is until I read your care notes ) is to place a plastic bag over the plant and pot to increase humidity. This seems to help dew production. If the plant recovers slowly allow more natural air into the bag by cutting off the corners. Do this gradually over a few days or weeks. Good luck.
  15. Yes, I leave all my sarracenias and vfts in the same g/h over winter.
  16. Hi, If it was me I'd leave it until next Spring. If the plant is kept outside or in a greenhouse it should catch enough for its needs. If on a windowsill you may need to feed it with a foliar feed once or twice a month in the growing season (D'Amato "The Savage Garden" pg 86). And no, there's no way of repotting without setting off the traps. If done in the Spring it'll grow new traps very quickly anyway. See as an example of how to do it. Happy growing.
  17. If they are root aphids an article I saw said there is no chemical control, so your only option would be to re-pot in fresh compost. But if they're not root aphids you could try a good systemic pesticide, such as Provado Bug Killer. Do you see them congregating on the plant above soil level? If so, the systemic stuff may work. Alternatively, try dabbing them with isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits.
  18. Yes, I was wondering about sand containing lime. Have you used sand, 'cause I know I have?! But. the sand I used was supposed to be lime-free.
  19. I have this on a few of my plants as well. So, if you find out what causes it I'd be very interested! I've always thought it was the result of some pest - aphids or thripps etc. but I don't know for sure. ATM I'm drenching my plants with bug kiiler after quarantining. Doubt I'll know this works until next year though. Other possible reasons could be rhizome rot or in the worst case, a virus (hopefully not but I don't know how to tell). Best of luck.
  20. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  21. The Queen! Now there's an idea! I was pondering having an open day when we're allowed to gather again. Would there be any interest?
  22. Here are the first photos of my greenhouse this year. I'll add to them as the season progresses. Mainly flavas on this side: Hybrids in the centre: Alata (not in shot), leucophylla, oreophila and sundry other plants on the right: As I've repotted nearly all my plants I have one or two divisions kept under the bench: And finally for now, here's a photo of my Goldie which fortunately has survived brown rhizome rot:
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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021