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  1. Hi,

    Nothing special really, I do the same as other people. Most of my sarracenia are kept in a greenhouse year round. I use a soil mix of peat, perlite, sand in a ratio of 4:2:1. Only water with rainwater or RO water. During the summer have the plants standing in a few cm of water, in the winter keep the soil just moist (need to avoid fungus mold). They like as much sun as you can possibly give but don't overheat them. In the summer I keep the greenhouse door open which keeps the temperature down and allows in flies etc. There's no need to artificially feed them, they catch enough on their own. That's about it really, sarracenias are tough plants and quite easy to keep as long as you follow these few simple rules. You can keep them outside but will probably be smaller and may suffer in a bad winter. Good luck with growing your own.

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