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  1. Just keep them damp over winter, not sitting in water. Also water by the tray method as usual. If you keep them outside in a greenhouse they'll die back and come back to life in the spring.
  2. Where are all the insects? Mine are covered in them.
  3. No, don't think so. If you wipe a leaf the goo won't come back. Pinguicula usually produce many leaves so I'd just wait for the fresh ones and keep it out of a dusty environment.
  4. He usually has a 2nd open day some time in October, but I don't know the exact date yet.
  5. One thing you could do to help membership is to reply to queries which have been submitted on the Society website using the online contact form. I've let my membership lapse because of a total lack of response to a question I had on the current membership charges. I shall look to rejoin the society if I see the improvements described.
  6. Nice DC ada. Any seed from it yet?
  7. All sounds good then. Best of luck.
  8. Well done on getting it to flower in your first year. Sarracenia do not self-pollinate so unless you've got insects around you'll have to pollinate it yourself to get any seed. Seed pods take a while to mature so there wouldn't be any seeds until at least September/October time. To me your plants looks as if it needs more light so make sure it's in your brightest window.
  9. I hope to be there as well, even with the early start!
  10. Looking good. I've always liked the pale alata flowers.
  11. Looking very good for this time of year. I keep mine in a greenhouse all year round, even in Winter, and they are only just sprouting now as they die right back in the cold.
  12. My first sarracenia flowers for this year have opened on my 'Marston Dwarf' plant. It seems to be weeks ahead of anything else. Pretty early for the UK, but I expect our Italian friends have had flowers for months now!
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    From the album: 2022

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    From the album: 2022

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    Plant photos for 2022.
  16. Yes, they look really well. I wasn't aware Heliamphora could grow in the same conditions as Nepenthes.
  17. It's been working fine today, but when it has been slow I just leave for 5 mins or so and it has usually done something by then.
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    From the album: 2022

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    From the album: 2022

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    From the album: 2022

  21. You have to be a little careful with seeds, especially from ebay, as they can be erroneously labelled! You're probably safer to wait for some to be advertised on the sales section of the forum (you'll have access to this page after a month's membership). Sorry, I can't recommend any online sellers - anyone else know any good ones? Good luck with the vft seeds which are quite easy to germinate but will take a few years to reach maturity.
  22. Hi, welcome to the forum. Hardly any CPs grow in normal soil substrate. The mixture you'll need does depend on the seeds you're trying to germinate. Sarracenia, for instance, grow well in a peat/perlite mix with maybe some sand. Peat-free mixtures are also available. They do, however, require a period of cold stratification in order to germinate successfully. Some drosera seeds won't need this cold treatment. If you tell us what you're trying to grow we can help you a bit more.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  24. I sent them 2 messages over a month ago on a different topic - never heard anything. Also, I've no idea what's happening with subscriptions this year. Does anyone on the committee actually monitor this forum?