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  1. Yes, I've noticed that. Takes an age to work. Have time to make a cup of tea while it's working
  2. Good to see Nigel H-C and Martin Cheek getting acknowledgement in last night's episode.
  3. Hi, I've not yet taken the plunge into peat-free compost (yes, I know I should but fear risking my plants). Do you think coir is the way to go? And who is the best supplier and what is the best mix for Sarracenia? How does it compare with Mike's mix of Melcourt bark/perlite/cornish grit? I've found 2 of these ingredients difficult to obtain in small quantities. Thanks. Martin
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. You should get access to he sales section in about a month's time. Many people will be selling Sarracenia divisions in the Spring. I know I will!
  6. Hi, that's a Nepenthes and shouldn't be left out over Winter. Keeping it in the bathroom should be fine (it likes the humidity), but it might already be dying. Look out for side shoots over the next few weeks/months. What do the Nepenthes experts think (I'm not one!)?
  7. A few final photos of my seed-grown leucos:
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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

  12. Thanks Earl. I do find the Darlingtonia grow much better outside than in the greenhouse. Thanks for every one else's comments.
  13. Triffid nurseries are here: Triffid ® Nurseries, Great Hallows, Church Lane, Stoke Ash, Suffolk IP23 7ET but I've never used them. Some one on here will have though.
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  15. I'm a bit late this year updating my photos but here's some from this month. This is my favourite seedling at the moment ... Ceph in an aquarium ... Psittacina growing well in wet conditions ... S. x 'ASBO' looking like it does! Darli outside. I meant to divide it early this year but never got around to it. A job for next Spring.
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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021

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    From the album: Photos 2021