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  1. Some of the best I ever received, and very very helpful. 5 star***** rating.
  2. You can buy from builders merchants gutter holding brackets that are designed to hold the guttering so many inches from the brickwork where the tiles overhang due to fancy brickwork up to roof/tile level that overhangs, though they may need improvising too..just another suggestion.
  3. Looks out of square to me, are the internal measurements from diagonal corner to corner equal, and also, why not contact a greenhouse company that sell wooden greenhouses, send your photos and ask their advice also, they may have encountered the problem with various customers who may be buying stuff.
  4. Bloody amazing!!!!! Do you grow yours in very large pots ?? Run cold water over the roots during the day??? Any tips, ???
  5. Mike King had some problems once with Erin, they admitted that they put split bags of compost into it, but then I had some problems with Shamrock, which is still pending. Contact Mike King and ask him
  6. Totally PERFECT, what is the floor made of to be so flat, heavy duty matting on soil ?? Its a wonderful place to see, exceptional by all standards. Plants are all amazing.
  7. I do agree with you, the possibility does exist, perhaps the plants were the weakest. I will see if the local university can assist in soil analysis, or maybe speak to the Agricultural board. I remember that i also had several plants from Pawel die within a day back at the end of last year, with a couple from other sellers also. This is the latest batch to suffer. Again, it was no mass deaths, but around 20%. I will speak to various bodies and see where we can go with it. Thanks again everyone, will let all know progress with the issue.
  8. Hello petesredtraps, sorry about the plant, I have to say that it is just the one bag, I have used around 10 bags this year, but as they were new plants, well the cost, and again, I hate just losing one plant,but that many drove me bonkers, got very upset, it was a mini disaster, though now transplanted, it did take a while to try to see what was happening. Trev must get through loads of bags. Hope you have success, thanks Ben
  9. I forgot to mention the mix was 2:1 peat perlite. The containers were always used just for water. Sorry Ada about your plants. A couple of years ago, I started using rain water off a farm roof but did not consider the roof was a hard oil base type roof, when the bucket gets a bit foamy as it comes out of the butt, now that twisted some of my Sarras at the time, they wre very everywhere for better terms,as if they had used that pregnancy drug..you know the one, caused all the D.S. My venus's were not around at that time.
  10. Hi thanks, I know what you mean but, well, they were amongst 40 or so that were fine, yet some died so quick, within a day, and some have flourished. Some grew then suddenly rotted. I have used the river for some years and never had the problem, and venus are not hard to grow, just literally drop them in and off they go. I had never lost one. However, all avenues will be checked, so I am most grateful. Hopefully something will be sorted over the days where I am able to test Ph's and other checks. I had a ship of vitro plants and all did well on the same water, it just seems that one batch of n
  11. Thank you for all the comments, sorry about the slow response but my car started leaking oil by the litre, so over took my distress with my Dionaea. I will test the Ph with a tester kit which although I have not looked, must be available. The bag of peat in question was one of two that came from Fakenham garden center, Norfolk. Trev mentioned a very interesting point about the peat which I did not mention. I have noticed like he has that some peat when potted within days will show a rapid growth of mould on its surface, in this case it was green fine dryish for a better term, others rapid sl
  12. Hi, my name is Ben Millbank, alias Klugi, and I had a bad bag of Shamrock peat and lost around 20 new Dionaea plants within the last month or two, either died straight away, or never really grew, then rotted from the base. I have always used Shamrock, and think this must have been a dud bag, though have sent a sample to their labs to analyse, awaiting results. I do also have to say that some did still grow in the mix from the same bag, though going from no mortality's to this, is obvious something is wrong. I thought it would be interesting to get some feedback from others with the same experi
  13. Do you find your plants prefer full sun or partial shade, I have heard that partial shade seems to encourage better growth, what do you find, thanks
  14. Hi from England, this is brilliant, your video is brilliant, its so helpful. Its fills the gaps that we all wonder about when potting our plants, a must for all plants I believe, many thanks
  15. Why go for something boring like Red Mars, what about 'Pollux', 'Arcturus', 'Rigel', 'Aldebaran', 'Betelgeuse', or 'Antares'(1000 light years away)..like Zenflora??