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  1. how much do you want for the scorpioides gemmea,how many do u have

  2. how much do you want for the scorpioides gemmea,how many do u have

  3. i was wondering if i take a cutting off of a mature plant will the top growth point still be able to flower and be mature thanks for your advice in advance. Aaron
  4. amark8195


    Im thinking about getting an n.rajah, and ive herd they love humidity. I wanted to know what type of humidifier to use, preferable cheap, and it's going to be in my room so nothing huge ethier. Thanks in advance Aaron
  5. I was wondering how, if even possible, would one go about taking cuttings from a truncata. I have a couple, but there not even close to the size nessasary to take cuttings, im just wondering for future reference. Thanks Aaron
  6. i was just wanted to know what a good media for a n. truncata pasian would be thank you
  7. i have heard of people putting thier sarracenias in refrigerators, how would they be photosynthesizing then?
  8. so when there dormant they dont need sun right? thanks for all of your advice too!
  9. thank you very much. Do you think a good place for this plant would be in an uninsulated sun room? any other location sugestions? it gets around 40 degrees in there depending on the weather. thanks in advance.
  10. i just recieved a new Sarracenia flava var. ornata i was just wondering how to take care of it. i live in pensylvania i wanted to know if i could leave it outside. i also need to know how much water they need for now and in the spring through summer. Thanks Aaron
  11. ok, so i recieved a heli the other day and im afraid i dont no how to take care of it; light levels, temperature, waterings, that sort of stuff. any advice is welcome Thanks aaron