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  1. Hi Neil, I've a N. Ven x Max and N. Spat x Max both coming into flower at the moment. You may want to keep your hybrid to simple crosses, but if not, these should be available shortly if the timing works.
  2. Ben

    heater failed

    Hi Julian, This must be every Nep grower's worst fear. I too am currently relying on electric. We have had two power outages since we moved house in August but fortunately neither was on frosty nights. I am nervous for the rest of the winter, but until I can get a proper greenhouse set up, I have no choice. I hope your plants make a speedy recovery. All the best.
  3. I kept mine in the greenhouse with my other highlanders last winter (min 8 to 10C). It survived - but it lost all its leaves and it is now only just getting going again. So I'd say that as lowlanders go its pretty tough and will survive pretty harsh conditions, but it you want to keep it happy (which should be all of our's aim), then keep it nice and warm. Mines on my study windowsill for this winter.
  4. I know its not the rarest, but if you have a flowering female Nep and want some pollen, let me know. I'll send it out for an SAE
  5. I agree with the tip about leaving the laban rata overnight resthouse for the summit a bit later. We set off at 4am and walked in torrential and freezing rain. About half way between the laban rata and the summit we were all shepherded in the dark into storm shelters. There were about 80 people and we couldn't fit in the shelters so agreed with our guide to keep walking. We understand that because of the weather only 15 people made it to the summit that morning (the rest got cold waiting in the storm shelters and turned back). However we reached the top in thick cloud and heavy rain - so much for dawn on the roof of Borneo! We took quick photos and set off back down. By about 8am the sun was shining and it was a lovely day. If we had waited we would have had some views from the top. Still it was well worth the trip. We went in 1996 so things may have changed a bit but we did the detour for the lowii by the pylon as mentioned by Richard. At that time it was looking good and healthy! We also saw lots of tentaculata and some very impressive N. x kinabaluensis (N. rajah x villosa) on another detour. Other great places to visit in Sabah include the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, the bat caves and the proboscis monkeys which we went to see. Lots of Orangs at the sanctuary at feeding time and also (for Hen) a good place to see alocasia robusta. There is also a Rafflesia centre at Tenom and also it is possible to see Rafflesia at Poring I believe. Sepilok is near Sandakan which is on the east coast of Sabah so another benefit of this trip is that you can get a great flight over the summit of Mt Kinabalu! There was a post on this subject a few weeks ago
  6. My byblis liniflora grow exclusively in my greenhouse with no special attention for humidity etc.. Currently the pot has a few seedlings in which germinated about a week ago. Hopefully they will put on strong growth through the summer, flower and set seed ready for next year. I find that the plants keep growing through the winter till about February when the last one usually finally croaks. But by then they are very long woody and straggly anyway.
  7. Phil, No idea whether you can save your plants or not. However, personally my experience has been the opposite of Aidan's. When I grew my adelae in a terrarium they invariably rotted. I now keep mine in the greenhouse. Some get full sun and the leaves turn quite red, others are under staging and cooler and stay a pale green. Desparate times call for desparate measures, if your plant is not happy under cover how about taking the cover off and putting it somewhere a little more airy? btw, d. adelae does have a habit of dying back from time to time for no apparent reason. It usually resprouts from the roots though. So this might also happen to yours. I've never noticed any relationship between flowering and die back though.
  8. Andrew, If you have other CP growing in water trays, then these are a great place to introduce a bit of U.gibba. It'll soon spread and produce nice yellow flowers.
  9. Ben

    Spat x Max uppers

    Hi James, nice to see it vining, is this the one which flowered? If so did you sort out a mate and get any seed?
  10. Ben

    spat x max

    Julian, I always look at the piccies but rarely get around to commenting. They're great to see though. Oh, and I can't wait until my spat x max grows up a bit as its not yet doing 30cm pitchers!!!
  11. Hi Manders, Don't Panic! I got mine in the auction and non have germinated yet and I take it from the absence of any posts from the other auction winners that others haven't either. If they're fresh, I'm sure we'll all get a reasonable crop, it just takes a little time.
  12. Bill, I take it you have seen Peter D'Amato's article here: Germination and potting on worked ok for me but I still killed my seedlings later on
  13. Looks like N. x Coccinea to me...
  14. Hi Giuseppe, Healthly looking plant you have there. Julian's (chesara) picture which I was thinking of is on this thread:;highlight=spat
  15. Another good compromise, if you like the look of N. spathulata but are a bit worried about whether you can give it the conditions would by to go for a spathulata based hybrid. As Dustin said, maxima is a good easy plant so something like a N. spat x max would be great. There were some pictures of this hybrid on the photos forum a bit back (Chesera I think). I also grow this hybrid and would strongly recommend it.
  16. N.veitchii is a slow growing plant. Its not especially difficult, you just need to be patient... If you want a fast and easy plant look to the ventricosa and maxima hybrids. As Indy says, x ventrata is a good and readily available choice, or see if you can find ventricosa x maxima or spatulata x maxima, both of these quickly produce showy pitchers.
  17. Hi Greg, I don't really do any thing that special with them: They are currently in my greenhouse which is heated to about 8C minimum through the winter. I have also grown them happily on an indoor E facing windowsill. I water them well in summer and keep them a bit drier in the winter. Some are in full sun, others are under the staging (more for space reasons rather than worries about over exposure to sunlight) Humidity is not especially high. When I tried them in a hot/humid terrarium they tended to rot. They pop up as weeds in a few of my pots (some in sphagnum others in peat mixes) and seem to do ok for much of the year. D. adelae are a little temperamental and I think you must expect that they will die back every now and then, but if you keep the pot damp, they usually seem to shoot back from the roots.
  18. Andy, I posted some pictures here:
  19. Andy, As requested here are some photos of my D. Adelae at various stages. A baby a bit older an adult and the three different leaf types together.
  20. D.adelae rarely set seeds but they do produce lots of plants from their roots. From what I have seen, small plants have roundish leaves, becoming more oval and eventually the more familiar pointed shape as the plants get bigger. I think its quite likely the babies you have are adelae. I'll try to do some pictures in the morning unless someone beats me to it...
  21. Ben

    Which is worse?

    I'd say either move them somewhere where they get no sunlight and water them well before going or if they stand in full sunlight, I'd risk standing them in water for a couple of weeks Don't let them dry out completely as they will quickly wilt on a sunny windowsill.
  22. Ben

    My Surprise

    Hi James, A good example of how different conditions favour different plants and also different behaviours in the same plants. I think I got my spat x max about the same time as you, but whereas yours has been in a terrarium mine has been in the greenhouse. I've got lots of good sized pitchers on the plant, but it is still really growing from a rosette rather than beginning to vine and certainly no sign of flowers yet. On the other hand my Ven x Max for example is reaching for the skies in the same conditions. Maybe now the weather has cooled down, I'll get a spurt of upward growth from the spat x max before the winter. Congratulations once again.
  23. Ben

    My Surprise

    Cool James Which Nep is it? Keep us posted as the flower develops
  24. Hi Richard, Here's an earlier thread with my two-penneth on the subject. For what it is worth, I am going to try electricity this year...
  25. If the whole plant is dying, it may be worth removing it from the pot and looking to see if there are any runners or parts of the main plant which are still healthy. If you pot them up separately, maybe you can salvage something...