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  1. I guess D. capillaris. I think it is wrong to buy wild seeds.
  2. Hi Here are some pictures from the EEE for all the CP friends who couldn't come to Padova: http://de.myalbum.com/Album=VMZEY3FO Many thanks to the Italian guys for organising that great event.
  3. I had a few burnt and dried pitchers. But that was no general behaviour.
  4. These are great planty, Ada. Sure, the anthos are my favorites but I've never seen an invert coloragion. Interesting to see that.
  5. Hi Youri I think I have the same dilemma. Current photo: http://www.meinfotograf.com/_privat/IMG_7132.JPG I think the Spaghnum is getting too high and overgrows my Darlings. The moss is very high, around 10-11 cm. So, should I cut it down? I think to replant the Darling into fresh peat or a very mineral soil. Cheers Wolfgang
  6. Hi Alex, I like the Legacy clone from Mike. The coloration looks very punctuated and elegant as it was drawn by a painter. The colors are soft and not too shiny but very intense. I like the contast between the red and white. Also the pitcher form looks very symetric. Finally, I mostly like the typicals from a certain location as them mother earth has created. Seed grown plants are intersting for me if you want to combine specific genes in order to get a planned result.
  7. Hi Does anybody know where I can purchase Marl soil. I also want to try it for D. linearis. Thanks, Wolfgang
  8. Is this location in the Eastern part of Germany?
  9. This looks like a huge population
  10. wwoehrle


    I agree with Steve. Cheers Wolfgang
  11. it looks well done :) i also have all of my plantsin such boxes outdoor. it works fine. in winter, a protection against wind is helpfull.